VW Syncro Solar Panels
100 watt solar panel kit for a Volkswagen T3 14" Synco was fitted to a truck in the shop this week. Great for some off grid camping ..
VW T3 Caravelle Restoration
James has had a busy week finishing of the rear lower panel on this Volkswagen T3 Caravelle.......now off to paint she goes :) ..
VW T3 Carbs and engine set-up
Ash has been busy working on this lovely air cooled Volkswagen T3 Camper, getting new carburetors fitted and setting up the engine. ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
Just building up another Subaru EJ25 2.5ltr engine to go in the back of a Volkswagen T3 Syncro. #vwsubaruengineconversions ..
VW T3 Syncro Repaint
Wow! Just back from the paint shop after a full body restoration with us in this Volkswagen T3 14" Syncro which has been painted in a very bright Lamborghini orange, striking! ..
Volkswagen Holiday Snaps!
Another great customer pic from their tour around Northern Spain, 2000m and engine was perfect, happy customers are a great way to start our day ..
Made it to the church on time!
After a 12 month restoration she made it to the church on time - and I think the smile on their faces says it all! Formal photo's to follow...well done to all the team @ CoastVW   ..
VW T6 4 Motion Suspension Upgrade
Wow, what a busy old summer its been at Coast VW......especially as we had lots of time off with our rug-rats!   So much to blog about its hard to know where to start......   Here's some customer feedback:   "Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the Seikel suspension system Pete fitted to our T6 California. It performed excellently on our recent Alps trip." ..
VW T3 Servicing
Regular servicing of your classic Volkswagen is highly recommended......engines work much better when there is not a mouse nest inside your air filter! ..
VW T3 Service, pre road trip
@CoastVW we have just completed some service work on this VW T3 prior to its journey to Sweden for an extended road trip. ..
VW T3 Engine Upgrade
This 1.9 Turbo diesel is all ready to fit into VW T3 Campervan. It will be a huge improvement over the campers previous stock 1.6JX engine. We fit hybrid turbos and inter-coolers in order to deliver usable/reliable power. ..
Volkswagen T3 Syncro Body Repairs
Its been a hot couple of days in the CoastVW workshop, but the guys have carried on working hard..... Ross was busy yesterday (on the hottest day in the UK since 1976!!) repairing the B-pillar on this Volkswagen T25 Syncro. ..
1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - fresh paint
Back from paint and looking magnificent is this 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - now let the rebuild commence! :) ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Fire Extinguisher Corrosion
This Volkswagen Baywindow has had an underside fire approx 4 years ago which was put out using a powder based fire extinguisher. unfortunately this powder is highly corrosive and has rusted through the lower front panels on this otherwise rust free van. Gutting :( ..
VW T3 engine replacement
At the CoastVW workshop today we are removing this early 1.9 engine which has terminal water jacket gasket failure, new engine to be fitted in due course. ..
VW Baywindow Engine Build
Just finishing off building this 1600 air cooled motor for a Volkswagen Baywindow. Next job is to modify the support plate for the center mount twin choke carburetor and then it will be all ready to fit! ..
VW Baywindow For Sale
1976 Volkswagen Bay Window Campervan – Right Hand Drive Selling on behalf of a customer is this two berth campervan. It is a solid example with the previous owners having invested a lot of money in her over the past couple of years to get her mechanically sound. Right hand drive and tin top (a desirable feature as there are so few around anymore). It has a full width rock’n’roll bed and all the seats have been upholstered. It seats six passengers with three point harness belts. It also has a leisure battery system fitted.  Twin sliding doors. Comes with Fiamma bike rack. A lot..
VW T3 Syncro - metal work restoration
Volkswagen T3 Syncro Metalwork Restoration - This picture shows the sill on a VW T3 - a common area of corrosion. Many restorers cut out the middle section but we remove the entire sill and replace the inner and outer sections. ..
VW Baywindow Engine Replacement
We are removing the engine from this 1970 Volkswagen Baywindow. It has been running a 1776cc engine which is going to be replaced with a stock 1600cc......going back to its roots! New engine in the process of being built up. ..
Subaru Engine Rebuild Completed
This Subaru EJ25 engine is all built up and ready to fit in VW T3 Syncro. This engine has gone through our rebuild process and is looking good as new. ..
Happy CoastVW Customers
What a busy old week its been at CoastVW HQ this week! Lovely homemade cookies by another satisfied customer went down rather nicely :) :) :) ..
VW T3 Restoration Complete
Final pictures of a Volkswagen T25 restoration which went out on Wednesday, the owners were thrilled to be reunited with Katy! ..
VW T3 Syncro Servicing
This Volkswagen T3 is in at the CoastVW workshop for new tank straps, fuel lines, clutch and various other MOT items :) ..
Seikel Lift Kit for Volkswagen T5 California
Another Seikel delivery .....this time a lift kit for a VW T5 4motion for a California which is suffering from the usual rear end sag - this kit will give a much better ride, and improve its looks! ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
Out with the old and in with the new......Ross has been cracking on with stripping down the old Subaru EJ25 engine and building back up the new shiny version. Engine has had new main and big end ACL race bearings, new piston rings, heads rebuilt, all new gaskets etc so will be good as new and all ready to install back in the VW T3 Syncro camper….just a mere matter of finishing the body resto, getting the van repainted and completing the rebuild…..:) :) ???? ..
VW T3 Camper Vinyls
This VW T3 Camper came back from paint last week and Ash has worked closely with Steve https://www.facebook.com/pg/wrapitgraphics.co/about/…to recreate the original Kamper vinyls as we couldn't find any for sale that exactly matched the ones on this Japanese import camper. ..
VW T3 Syncro Doka - Roof Tent
This custom built frame is now back from the powder coaters and all fitted to this VW T3 Syncro Doka. With the James Baroud roof tent all fitted this truck is nearly ready for its expedition.   ..
VW T3 Syncro Winch
Now that's what you call a winch! A CoastVW customer has just had this Warn Zeon heavy duty winch fitted to the front bumper of their VW T3 Syncro - cant wait to see some action shots of its capabilities :) ..
VW T3 Campervan Restoration
The CoastVW workshop is bursting its seams as yet another VW T3 Campervan comes back from the paint shop. This Volkswagen Camper came to us for a light body resto and a bit of work on the roof. Now being fitted back up with all new seals. ..
VW T3 Syncro Bodywork
James is busy prepping this replacement side panel on this Volkswagen T3 Syncro campervan.   ..
VW T3 Syncro - replacement front grill
In the CoastVW workshop today we have just taken off the SA grills and replaced with a stock grill and now spotlights. ..
VW T3 Syncro Doka - Expedition Roof Tent Fitting
This VW T3 Syncro Doka has come to us to have a custom frame fabricated to support this very large expedition roof tent, along with front and rear Hannibal awnings. Frame all made up and now off to the powder coaters. ..
VW T3 Syncro Road Trip
There is nothing like positive customer feedback to put a smile on your face-   'After Picking up the Syncro from the team at Coast I was very impressed with not only the service but the professional attitude of the guys in the workshop. Very customer focused and they ran through everything that had been done and replaced. We have just got back from a 15 day trouble free 4800km round trip to Norway and Sweden. Syncro went well which is down to Coast picking up the issues it had and sorting them out'   Thanks CoastVW - David, Kirsty ..
1992 VW T3 Doka for Sale
VW T3 Syncro Doka This truck has been owned by the current for over 10 years – was imported from Sweden. Normal Doka corrosion points (please see photos) and will need bodywork shortly to rectify – although it does have a new MOT. It has an MV engine running DJ fuel system. Twin rear cab doors. Left-hand drive. Gearbox and front diff were both refurbished 3 years ago by Bears Motorsports (receipts available). Selling on behalf of the customer……. vehicle is currently at the Coast VW workshop and viewings are welcome.                 ..
VW T3 LLE Restoration Complete
A few more snaps of the Volkswagen T3 LLE that we finished last week. We have known this customer for many years, he is one of our favorites ;)The van entered our workshop as a slammed multivan and leaves as a 'Syncro style 2WD' with peloquin diff, AT tyres, truck mirrors, wheel arch flares and winch we reckon Mike and his boys will soon be getting up to some wild camping fun. Proper photo shoot and perhaps even some video footage on its next return to us......nobody wanted to get it muddy yet :) Well done team CoastVW, the boys did good ;)   ..
Coast VW Volkswagen Restorations
On Friday afternoon the workshop was host to a reunion of CoastVW restorations. The blue LLE having its final polish having just been built back up, the red South African van was back in for its annual service (full resto with us early 2015) and the green Westfalia back with us for a Mtdi engine conversion (resto was late 2015) #vwrestorations #vwt3services #coastvw #feelingproud ..
VW T3 Syncro Doka - RHD Tristar
An existing CoastVW customer has just replaced his yellow VW T3 Doka with......another yellow T3 Doka!! Although slightly different as this one is a RHD Tristar Syncro (not many of those around!!). In at the CoastVW workshop for a coolant change, cavity waxing, new dashboard fan and an oil change. ..
VW T3 JX Engine Conversion and rebuilt gearbox
Pete has just finished installing a fresh JX motor and gearbox into this VW T3 Syncro...nearly ready to return home to Jersey :) ..
VW T3 Body Prepping prior to paint
James has had a busy week prepping this VW T3 bodyshell ready for paint. ..
VW T3 Syncro - annual service and MOT
An old family favorite is back in the shop......this South African VW T3 belonged to us many years ago, before selling to a customer in London who then came back to us in 2015 for a full body restoration. Its back in this week for MOT and its annual service......looking resplendent! ..
VW T25 Winch Fitting
This VW T25 LLE in its final stages of post resto build up. Ash busy fitting the winch today, wiring all in place. ..
VW T3 Working Doka - New VC
This yellow VW T3 'Working' Doka is in from Ireland. It had a had a very tight VC which we renewed, along with a full engine service (inc timing belt), fuel pump was water damaged internally so we changed that - and a host of other small running issues. ..
VW T3 Camper Bodywork Repairs
Metal work repairs are being undertaken on this Volkswagen T3 offside front wheel arch/step. James is just trimming back the lower edge of the new cab step to ensure good fit. ..
VW T3 Syncro Look rebuild
Rebuild of this VW T3 LLE continues...our customer has chosen a Syncro look and these mudflaps/mefros/AT tyres and wheel arch trims all help to achieve this. ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Repaint
Just back from paint this VW T2 Baywindow camper van in Pearl Grey looks great, painted inside and out. ..
VW T25 Bodywork
Body on this Volkswagen T25 Camper has been prepped and seam sealed after its various corrosion work - now ready to go into primer. ..
Front door fitting on VW Splitscreen
Ash busy fitting these VW Splitscreen doors having just had new hinges fabricated. Doors now fit perfectly after having a completely new front end fitted due to crash damage. ..
VW T3 Syncro -  Mtdi Engine Conversion
This 1.9 engine conversion is getting closer in this VW T3 Syncro (RHD), we are now just fitting the charge cooler pipework. ..
VW T3 All Terrain Tyres
BFG AT KO2's fitted to these 15" mefros which have been powder coated in gloss black readt to fit to a 2WD Volkswagen T3 to achieve a Syncro/lifted look. ..
VW T3 Restoration Rebuild
Pete is currently fitting the newly tinted glass back into this VW T25 shell which came to us for a complete restoration. ..
VW T3 Syncro Campervan body repairs
This VW T3 Syncro Campervan has had a new rear wheel arch (inner and outer) so all ready for its topcoat of paint. ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Restoration
Body restoration complete on this VW Baywindow Campervan - now for its topcoat in VW Dove grey. ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
Ash is just finishing the metal repairs on these 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen cab doors at Coast VW workshop today #volkswagenrestorations ..
VW Syncro Mtdi engine conversion
This VW T25 14" Syncro is in with us having an Mtdi engine conversion - this image shows the coolant pipes being laid in ready for the new charge cooler system, featuring a Holset Turbo. ..
Coast VW Workshop - busy days!
The CoastVW workshop is busy as ever - this 14" VW Syncro is in from Jersey having a mechanical overhaul (engine and gearbox rebuild), the late Baywindow campervan has just been prepped ready for its topcoat, the 1966 Splitscreen just tucked around the corner has just had its metal work restoration completed and the in-house VW T25 Syncro panel van might one day get its full camper conversion. Busy times :) ..
Custom Build Exhaust
Clever Ash has just fabricated a lovely free-flowing customised stainless steel side exit exhaust for this Volkswagen T25 16" Doka with a 2.3 5-cylinder Audi engine - sounds fantastic!! ..
VW T25 2WD Suspension Upgrade
Love these great photos our customer sent in....   This Spanish Volkswagen T25 'Kamper' conversion came to us for a suspension lift kit, 15" mefro wheels and BFG tyres. What sets our 2WD conversions apart is the use of a peloquin torque biasing differential to give some genuine 'off-tarmac' capabilty which is great for where it lives in the mountains of Spain :)   ..
VW T25 Syncro - Brake work
This VW T25 RHD 16" Doka is having some brake work, new cylinders (which often leak - check yours!) and new brake shoes - even though it had them fitted elsewhere recently they were all split and cracked :-/ ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine and Camper Conversion
Another van has returned to its family....this VW T25 Campervan came to us for a Subaru engine conversion and a full camping interior installation. Our customer chose this lovely wooden interior from Vanwurks, along with a snazzy set of captain seats from Newton Commercial in a tan leather finish. The engine was converted to a 2L naturally aspirated water cooled engine (having previously been a 2L air cooled).                        ..
VW Syncro Doka - Exhaust Fabrication
This VW T25 Syncro Doka is in for a couple of jobs. It is currently fitted with an Audi 5 cylinder engine which we are going to fabricate a complete exhaust system for, and we are also currently removing the gearbox in preparation for replacing the clutch. ..
VW Splitscreen Chassis Replacement
At Coast VW today we are fitting a replacement chassis cross member to this  VW Splitscreen Campervan as the previous one had crumbled away! ..
Volkswagen Syncro Caravelle Engine Service
Pete is busy doing an engine service and repairing an oil leak on this Volkswagen T25 Syncro Caravelle. ..
VW T26 16" Syncro Campervan - new owners
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro - aka 'Big Yellow' - has finally been united with his new owner having spent the past two years in our storage facilities.....i'm sure many adventures await :)   Ps - That's Jon's daily driver - VW T25 Syncro Doka - photo bombing the shot :) ..
VW T25 LLE Full Body Restoration
Just back from the painters yesterday is this Volkswagen T25 2WD which we have done a full body restoration on. It is an LLE specific colour - Oily Blue - just need the panels now!   We try to get our seams as factory as possible - and this up close shot shows we are doing pretty good :) ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversions
2ltr Subaru engine conversion on this 2WD Volkswagen T25 Campervan. It was air-cooled - and is now water cooled and we have just finished fabricating a custom exhaust for it.... ..
Pop Top Roof Conversion on VW T25 Syncro
The CoastVW team have nearly finished fitting an original Westfalia roof onto this VW T25 Syncro, ended up being a little complicated as this was a sunroof model but all issues are now resolved :) ..
VW T25 Campervan Interior
Just fitting the Vanwurks interior into this 2WD van. This camper has also had a Subaru engine fitted which we are just finishing off.. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Build Up
This VW T25 16" Syncro is currently being built up at Coast VW - with bumper/grills/wheels/truck mirrors....having already had a 2.5Ltr Subaru engine conversion fitted :) ..
VW T5 Pop Top Roof
Hilo Roof all fitted to this VW T5 Kombi Van. This roof is great as visually from the outside the roof line has not risen at all, and customer also opted for zip out panoramic front canvas for star gazing on those warm & clear nights......mind you, he does live in New Zealand! ..
FOR SALE!! VW T25 Westfalia Campervan
One of our customers is selling his VW Westfalia Campervan. Its a project van with a lot of potential, nice clean interior: Early VW Westfalia Campervan 1985 A genuine project bus which has lots of nice features: 5 speed gearbox, double glazed windows, new roof canvas, MOT til February. Has had a small fortune spent on it under its current ownership with a VW specialist in Cornwall including a new pop top roof canvas and fridge. We have all the supporting paperwork. We haven’t worked on this bus or tested any aspect. If you are interested come and see it.... £3250   &n..
VW Baywindow MOT work
Few little bits of welding on this VW Baywindow to get it through its MOT..... ..
VW Campervans for sale - all reduced!!
Check out our for sale pages - lots of vans seriously reduced.....   http://www.coastvw.co.uk/vw-lifestyle/vw-sales/vwcampervanforsale     ..
VW T25 Syncro front wheel bearing rebuild
Rebuilding this front wheel bearing on VW T25 Syncro which we picked up on its pre MOT test. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Just fitted up the MTDi engine with the Syncro gearbox. We have fitted a TDi input shaft and a solid TDi flywheel and complete clutch. Gearbox has also had a decoupler fitted, unit is read for installation into a VW T25 14" Syncro panel van. ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
New front panel on this VW Splitscreen - 1965 - is now fully in place and looking lovely. This camper has had to have a complete new front end fitted due to accident damage. ..
VW Syncro Diesel Bash Plate
Joe is busy repairing this VW T25 Syncro bash plate (diesel) once repaired we'll have it powder coated before refit. ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
We are part way through installing a 2.5 Subaru engine into this VW T25 16" Syncro, most of the coolant plumbing is complete, wiring loom is in place and we'll be fitting the new stainless steel exhaust this week. ..
VW Splitscreen Floor Repairs
James is busy cutting out the floor from this 1965 Volkswagen Splitscreen which is in the midst of its full body restoration with us..... Chassis and top hats are in remarkably good condition but the inner sills need replacing completely on both sides. ..
New Turbo for this VW T25 Syncro
This VW T25 Syncro campervan has an MTDi conversion and it's turbo recently failed so we have installed a new turbo, a new intermediate pipe and given its inter-cooler system and good cleaning out! ..
VW T25 Syncro Work Truck
There aren't many work trucks you can load 6 engines and 2 gearboxes in, and an engine lift!  #vwsyncroworktruck ..
Volkswagen Westfalia For Sale
Sweet little VW Westfalia Campervan for Sale- a great project for someone.... http://www.coastvw.co.uk/vw-lifestyle/vw-sales/for-sale-volkswagen-westfalia-campervan  ..
VW T25 Syncro Disc Brake Conversion
This VW Syncro is having a rear disc conversion to improve its braking performance. Next job being to reinforce the roof assist struts and fit a Westfalia top locker. ..
VW Splitscreen - rebuilt spindles
The final job on this VW splitscreen was to fit the rebuilt spindles from Creative Engineering as the old ones were badly worn - this should take the last bit of play out of the steering. ..
Greg Davies good taste....
Greg Davies favourite ever car - VW T2 1972 Campervan ‪#‎greattaste‬ https://twitter.com/gdavies/status/749706968370216960 ..
VW T25 16" Restoration / Rebuild
Rebuild nearly there on this VW T25 16" Syncro. These 16" Mefro wheels have been powder coated in silver finish and had BFG AT tyres fitted, We finally managed to source this LHD middle sliding window which is shown having its seal fitted, and final picture is fitting of the front grill.     ..
VW Splitscreen Front Panel Repairs
Front of the VW Splitscreen is removed and a new wolfsberg west front panel and screen pillars are ready to fit, just have to sort out all of the inner parts first. ..
VW T25 Bodywork Repair
This VW T25 suffered a nasty tear in the rear panel (it still had the brick wedged in the panel when it arrived at Coast VW). It didn't require the whole panel to be changed as the bodywork in such good condition so we straightened the inner pillar and repaired the skin. Just waiting for the painter to apply top coat :) ..
VW Splitscreen Shot Blasting
This VW Splitscreen had accident damage to the front, various areas of corrosion and lots of filler so it made sense to have the complete shell media blasted, then a quick etch prime to prevent any flush rusting, giving us a nice clean canvas to commence bodywork repairs. Top image also shows front panel now removed. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Rebuild
Re-build going well on the VW T25 16" Syncro. We are in the final stages of fitting all of the Bromsgrove interior back in and the red vinyll looks great against the white bodywork. The last few days the Coast VW team has been busy wiring in the leisure battery system, running hot water, 240v invertor (powerful enough to boil a kettle and run a toaster!). ..
Short film of campervan for sale -
http://youtu.be/GToHhYn1J5g?a  ..
Powder Coated Wheels
Lots of items back from the powder coaters, including these 14" mefro wheels which are now satin black. ..
VW Cabriolet Beetle - engine work
Had this lovely little cabriolet VW Beetle in the Coast VW workshop today. We changed the engine breathing system on its 1776cc engine, we did an oil change, we fabricated a heat shield for the oil filter pipes, we fitted new tubes onto the heat exchangers and finally we re-worked the fuel tank breather system. ..
Coast VW are recruiting....
Join our busy workshop...... ..
Coast VW Work Truck
Coast VW has a new toy - VW T25 14" Syncro 2.1 petrol........needs a gearbox rebuild and a lot of other things.......like a Subaru engine conversion ;) !!!! ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Building up this 1.9Mtdi engine for our in house VW Syncro. Just prepped and painted the engine prior to the next stage of fitting up which includes a new Holset turbo, bigger injectors.....and lots of other fun stuff! ..
VW Splitty - improving the reliability!
The Coast VW team are currently fitting an electronic ignition into a vacuum advance distributor for improved reliability. We are also setting the carbs to get the engine running nicely..... ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro ..
VW Syncro - Fuel Contamination
This high top Volkswagen Syncro has suffered from water contaminating the the fuel which has led to a nasty bacterial growth in the fuel tank which has even damaged the engine. ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - Expedition Camper
A firm favourite of the Coast VW team......this VW T25 14" Synco has just been collected and is about to depart its Spring vacation. A great expedition truck! ..
VW T25 Syncro Exhaust and Suspension
The Coast VW team are currently setting up the coolant hoses for this 3ltr Subaru engine conversion - and fabricating the exhaust at the same time, hoping to get her fired up for the first time by the end of the week...second shot also shows the new Fox suspension set up.   ..