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VW T3 Syncro - LED headlights
We've just finished fitting these LED headlamps to this Volkswagen T3 16" Syncro which is currently in the CoastVW workshop…..looking good!   ..
16" VW T3 Syncro Camper for Sale
Just in is one of our old favourite Syncro's… up for sale with the spec sheet being typed up in the next few days. If you've always wanted a 16" Syncro act quick as it wont be around for long...….all enquiries to   ..
VW T3 Syncro - window tinting
This VW T3 Syncro is nealy ready to return of the last jobs on the list was the window tinting of the rear double glazed windows. The darker films really look splendid with the mono colour scheme :)     ..
New wheels for this VW T3 Syncro
New wheels have just been fitted to this Volkswagen T25 14" Syncro, 16" mefro's rims with BFG AT tyres, looking nice and chunky :)   #coastvw #vwt3syncro ..
VW T3 Syncro Resto of for Interior Fitting
Off for interior units and upholstery before returning to us for final fit. Customer has chosen to use Dubteriors and we cant wait to see what it looks like on its return......and then we can go on a photo shoot :)   #coastvw #vwt25restoration ..
VW T25 16" Camper for Sale
We have a lovely VW T25 16" Syncro Camper for sale on behalf of a customer. Below is a brief outline of its key features please contact us for more information or 01769 573 683   - Re-built 2.2 WBX engine - Full Fox Suspension upgrade with remote damper cartridge and re-bound settings - 4WD de-coupler allowing selectable 2WD and 4WD - Uprated gear shift using RS fab “big shot shifter” - BFG all terrain tyres - Side steps/rock sliders - South African front light up-grade - Cab doors key fob locking -..
VW T3 Snowy Syncro
The snow seems to have passed, fun whilst it lasted but the workshop was a bit on the chilly side......welcome back rain, Happy Monday!   #vwt3inthesnow #vwt3snowysyncro ..
VW T3 Camper Storage Chest
Under floor storage chest is all made and installed into this VW T3 Westfalia Syncro. We have built these into a few vans now and it provides a really useful and secure storage space.   #vwt3syncro #vwt25syncro ..
VW T3 Restoration Rebuild
And so the rebuild continues on this VW T3 Campervan. The Coast VW team have undertaken the entire metalwork restoration and it was the first paint job through our new paintbooth over Christmas. This photo shows Ash fitting up the doors....including new door seals. Watch this space, such an exciting stage :)   #vwt25 ..
VW T3 Westfalia roof conversion
We have been preparing this brand new 'copy' Westfalia roof ready for a VW T3 Westfalia roof conversion on a VW T3 campervan that is currently a high top.   #vwt25 #vwt3 ..
VW T3 Paint
What a busy week we've had at Coast VW. Here is James just finishing of the primer coats on the final panels for custom paint work on VW T3 syncro. Happy weekend folks! :) #vwt25 ..
VW T3 Syncro Westfalia - under floor storage chest
Pete is measuring up for a bespoke under floor storage chest to be fabricated and installed into this VW T3 Westfalia Syncro.   #vwt3syncro #vwt25syncro ..
VW T3 Engine Bar Carrier Plate
Coast VW recently welcomed Sean to the team just before Christmas. Today he has been busy making the modified engine bar carrier plates we fit to all of our VW T3 Subaru engine conversions   #vwt25 ..
VW T3 Weld Repairs
Ash is trying not to set fire on himself whilst welding in chassis reinforcing plates for this VW T3 Syncro with 3.3ltr Subaru conversion.   #vwsyncro #vwt3syncro #welding ..
Volkswagen T3 Bodywork
This VW T3 Syncro is being prepped in our new filler room......the paintbooth is nearly installed and ready to use, perfect timing!   #coastvw  #vwbodywork   #classicvolkswagenpaintshop  ..
Subaru Engine Conversion
Just finished fitting this Subaru EJ25 2.5 ltr engine into a South African Syncro. These Subaru engines are such a good fit in a T3 and brilliant to drive, quiet, smooth and powerful. If you are thinking of an engine conversion in your Volkswagen campervan then we recommend this engine as being the best petrol engine conversion in a VW T3. ..
CoastVW has moved!
Sorry for the quiet spell - its been a busy few months relocation CoastVW to our new premises. We are all moved in but the unpacking continues...…   You can now find us at:   CoastVW Ltd, Horsepond Meadow, South Molton, EX36 4EJ ..
VW Camper Magazine Editorial
We were super pleased with the 6 page article in this months Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine all about one of our recent restorations.... #coastvw #vt3restorations #vwcamper        ..
VW T3 Campervan - leaking roof
The CoastVW team have been investigating a leaking roof on this Volkswagen T3 Westfalia high top. We decided to take the roof of to make a clear assessment of how bad the damage is. #coastvw #vwt3roofrepairs #vwt3camperleakingroof..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
This VW T3 14" Syncro Doka has just had a 2.5ltr Subaru engine fitted and is off for a test drive :) ..
VW T3 Syncro - Suspension Upgrade
This Volkswagen T3 16" Syncro is back in the CoastVW workshop having its annual MOT. This time we also fitted new Seikel Springs and Bilstein B6 dampers as the old springs had sagged. This will improves the ride and provide better handling. ..
2.1 Engine For Sale
2.1 Engine for sale - We have a customer who is selling his 2.1 block with a 1.9 manifold and carb, relatively low miles since being reconditioned, low compression on no.3. Owner is selling complete, get in touch if you are interested :) ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Body Restoration
Metal work is all complete now on this VW T3 16" Syncro. All repaired areas are now in epoxy primer ready for the next stage of its transformation. It will be heading off to paint shortly with its super straight body shell :) ..
VW T3 Restoration
Nathan has been busy replacing the rear wheel arch on this Volkswagen T3 16" Syncro. ..
VW T3 Syncro Camping Pod
Camping pod has arrived at CoastVW ready to fit into a Volkswagen T3 14" Syncro, we have also fitted a full width rock'n'roll bed which folds flat (no engine plinth!) ..
VW T3 14" Syncro Campervan
Back to us after an extended European road trip this VW T3 Syncro Campervan will now go into our winter storage. It will then have annual MOT/service/check over before its 2018 adventures :) ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Restoration
Our next restoration is in - VW T3 16” Syncro. Boys have had a busy few days stripping down the shell prior to beginning the metal work. ..
VW T3 Disc Brake Conversion
Volkswagen T3 disc brake conversion being fitted, designed to be used with 15" steel mefro's. ..
Volkswagen Holiday Snaps!
Another great customer pic from their tour around Northern Spain, 2000m and engine was perfect, happy customers are a great way to start our day ..
VW T3 Syncro Road Trip
There is nothing like positive customer feedback to put a smile on your face-   'After Picking up the Syncro from the team at Coast I was very impressed with not only the service but the professional attitude of the guys in the workshop. Very customer focused and they ran through everything that had been done and replaced. We have just got back from a 15 day trouble free 4800km round trip to Norway and Sweden. Syncro went well which is down to Coast picking up the issues it had and sorting them out'   Thanks CoastVW - David, Kirsty ..
VW Syncro Mtdi engine conversion
This VW T25 14" Syncro is in with us having an Mtdi engine conversion - this image shows the coolant pipes being laid in ready for the new charge cooler system, featuring a Holset Turbo. ..
Coast VW Workshop - busy days!
The CoastVW workshop is busy as ever - this 14" VW Syncro is in from Jersey having a mechanical overhaul (engine and gearbox rebuild), the late Baywindow campervan has just been prepped ready for its topcoat, the 1966 Splitscreen just tucked around the corner has just had its metal work restoration completed and the in-house VW T25 Syncro panel van might one day get its full camper conversion. Busy times :) ..
VW T25 Syncro - Brake work
This VW T25 RHD 16" Doka is having some brake work, new cylinders (which often leak - check yours!) and new brake shoes - even though it had them fitted elsewhere recently they were all split and cracked :-/ ..
VW Syncro Doka - Exhaust Fabrication
This VW T25 Syncro Doka is in for a couple of jobs. It is currently fitted with an Audi 5 cylinder engine which we are going to fabricate a complete exhaust system for, and we are also currently removing the gearbox in preparation for replacing the clutch. ..
Pop Top Roof Conversion on VW T25 Syncro
The CoastVW team have nearly finished fitting an original Westfalia roof onto this VW T25 Syncro, ended up being a little complicated as this was a sunroof model but all issues are now resolved :) ..
VW T25 Syncro front wheel bearing rebuild
Rebuilding this front wheel bearing on VW T25 Syncro which we picked up on its pre MOT test. ..
VW Syncro Diesel Bash Plate
Joe is busy repairing this VW T25 Syncro bash plate (diesel) once repaired we'll have it powder coated before refit. ..
Powder Coated Wheels
Lots of items back from the powder coaters, including these 14" mefro wheels which are now satin black. ..
Coast VW Work Truck
Coast VW has a new toy - VW T25 14" Syncro 2.1 petrol........needs a gearbox rebuild and a lot of other a Subaru engine conversion ;) !!!! ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Building up this 1.9Mtdi engine for our in house VW Syncro. Just prepped and painted the engine prior to the next stage of fitting up which includes a new Holset turbo, bigger injectors.....and lots of other fun stuff! ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro ..
VW T25 Syncro Interior Trim
A sneaky preview of the VW T25 Syncro interior just back from Bromsgrove..... we’ll be fitting the full camping interior back into it this week..... ..
VW Syncro Spare Wheel Carrier
Rear spare wheel carrier now fitting to this VW T25 Syncro. ..
New Syncro joins the CoastVW family
New addition to the CoastVW family.....exciting times....Volkswagen T25 14" RHD Syncro :) ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine - For VW 16" Syncro
Pete's had a busy morning building this Subaru H6 3L engine ready for a VW T26 16" Campervan. It has had new timing belts/chains/tensioners/water pump fitted, and the cylinder heads changed. Busy busy :) ..
VW T25 Syncro Gearbox Rebuild
This lovely Volkswagen T25 14” Syncro is in with us at CoastVW for a gearbox rebuild and to have a decoupler fitted.  ..
New 1.9DG Engine for VW T25 Syncro
Early 1.9DG engine has arrived ready for fitting in a VW T25 Westfalia Syncro with big end failure on its original engine ..
VW T25 Syncro Rebuild
Rebuild going well on this VW T25 Syncro. Sound proofing has been applied to the front cab area, electrics have been installed ready for the Subaru engine conversion....busy busy in the #coastvw workshop this week, in fact its been flat out since we opened the doors on 4th January - will try and get back into blogging more regular updates :) ..
VW Syncro enjoying the French Alps
So you my remember that the Coast VW team recently completed a restoration 'big brown' just before Christmas...well the new owners have gone off to the French Alps for the times!  This is what owning a Syncro is all about smile emoticon And one of the perks of running a seasonal business, if any of you are near Kent and looking for a cool camp-site to park up at then we thoroughly recommend ..
VW T25 Syncro Van Sold
We sold this VW T25 Syncro before the previous owner had chance to drive it down to us - never even got its moment of fame on our 'VW Sales' page! will be heading down to Cornwall next week to its new home....if only we had ten more! ..
VW T25 Syncro Spare Wheel Carrier
Today we fitted another spare wheel carrier on a Volkswagen Syncro. These are available from Campervan Culture in RH or LH fitment and offer a great solution for storing your spare 15" wheel. They are of strong and versatile design and offer a much better fitting system then the traditional style to reduce body deformation. ..
Eberspacher Fitting
Ash at Coast VW has just fitted this Eberspacher heater today. It is a diesel powered (from the van fuel tank). thermostatically controlled blown air heater which runs of the leisure battery system and can be used when the vehicle is static or driving. Quite a handy installation given that this VW T25 Syncro Campervan is off to the French Alps for the winter ski season smile emoticon ..
VW T25 Syncro - Cylinder Heads
This lovely example of a Volkswagen T25 Syncro - with a Reimo camper conversion - is with us for replacement cylinder heads, a good service and for repairs to its propex heater. This particular syncro campervan is low mileage and only had two owners from new : ) ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - engine power upgrade
This lovely 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just come back from its first road test after hybrid turbo, Mtdi rover pump and intercooler fitment - what a transformation as now feels light and responsive to drive :) ..
VW T25 Syncro - Body Resto & Subaru Engine Conversion
Looking rather nice! We recently fitted a Subaru engine in this South African VW T25 Syncro, which is wearing its new coat of the original factory red colour after its full body restoration. We specialise in quality restorations of VW T25 Syncros and 2WD VW Transporters. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - H6 Subaru Engine Conversion
We have had a first fit for this H6 3.0ltr flat 6 Subaru engine, which is going into a 16” VW T25 Syncro. Top left shows the ECU and electrical items main board for Subaru engine conversion, components are mounted to our newly developed board and then a strong cover attached, the diagnostic port is then accessible from the outside. Top right shows ECU box  with the diagnostic port on the top right for this VW T25 Subaru engine conversion. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro High Top
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro with a factory high top has been shipped to us from Ireland. It is in the Coast VW workshop for some mechanical work. Oh and owner has also just decided to have a 2.5 Subaru engine fitted whilst its with us...... ..
Postcard from Slovenia
We love hearing from our customers when they are of on an expedition....this VW 16" Syncro High Top Westy 1.9TD is currently touring Slovenia - but previous trips have been heading to the Artic Circle and Morocco......enjoying its more powerful engine ..
FOR SALE!! Volkswagen T25 Syncro High Top Campervan
Volkswagen RHD T25 syncro hi top campervan. A unique take on this iconic and rare VW syncro. This RHD syncro has been built up over the last 3 years. Has had some work on the shell though it was generally pretty good, main thing done was an inner and outer sill on the driver’s side, lower rear corners, lower front panel etc. It’s been fitted with a VW 1.9 diesel engine that’s been up rated with a new bigger turbo and an intercooler, so pulls very well now. A brilliant Peloquin differential has been fitted which really improves traction both on the road and off, without the hassle of a di..
VW T25 16" Camper Restoration
The Coast VW Team has started stripping out this 16" Syncro camper which was shipped in from Italy for a full body restoration and an engine conversion to a Subaru H6!  ..
VW T25 Syncro - Hannibal Roofrack
A very large Hannibal order arrived at Coast VW this week.....Ash was tasked with putting the roof rack together in preparation for fitting to a VW T25 Syncro next week, along with awning, wolfe boxes, ladder etc - will get some pictures on next week once it is all in place. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mefro Steel Wheels
Undoubtedly the most popular item in our web shop......16" mefros! We decided to get these powder coated in black gloss to fit on a VW Syncro Camper......... Mefros are now on special offer with 10% off for July only, offer applies to 15" and 16" Mefros smile emoticon - at an additional cost we can also get them powder coated for you! ..
FOR SALE! Volkswagen T25 Syncro Campervan
LHD 5 cylinder Audi Engine Fitted. New MOT. This van would make a great project for the right buyer. The van drives well and sounds great with its 5 cylinder fuel injection Audi lump. Has a camper interior fitted which requires finishing, as does the pop top roof. We recommend viewing to appreciate this Syncros potential. Selling on behalf of a customer.  ..
VW T25 SA Syncro - Restoration Complete
All finished and heading home to London Town......This van has so much history for the Coast VW team as we purchased it ourselves 7 years ago when we were running Syncrospares, it was our daily work truck and school run vehicle before selling to a new family in Cornwall. A couple of years later the customer wanted to sell and we already had a buyer waiting.....a full restoration has been on the cards for some time...and voila....restoration complete. A full write up and an array of photos will be added to our website in due course smile emoticon ‪#‎vwsyncrorestoration‬ ‪#‎vwcamper..
FOR SALE - Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia RHD
FOR SALE - Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia RHD This unique custom built Syncro camper is reluctantly being offered for sale by its owner who has asked us to broker the sale, the truck is with us now. We can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK or ship internationally. The build was commissioned and carried out in 2011 with delivery early 2012, a good solid shell was chosen as the base which was then built as a Syncro and converted to RHD, an early Westfalia camping interior was sourced and fitted along with a full Westfalia roof and bed system. A Mtdi engine was selected along with th..
A selection of our current work -
Just a few of the VW vans we have in this week…. Top left – this VW T25 14” Syncro has come to us to be renovated prior to going up for sale Top right – this VW T25 has come to us from Derby for a bodywork renovation Bottom left – this VW T25 14” Syncro is just having an electronic power steering rack fitted as its last job before collection Bottom right – this VW 14” Syncro is in with us for a 2.5ltr Subaru engine conversion prior to a bodywork restoration ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Doka - running issue
This yellow double cap VW Syncro is in with a running issue with its MV engine, it is also having a service, MOT, new brake callipers - as its an everyday work truck its needed back home tomorrow. ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - Rear Corner Repair
Rear corner damage on this 14" VW Syncro all buttoned up, new tailgate, new rear valance, new rear bumper....looking a bit smarter now smile emoticon ..
Powder Coated bumpers / trailing arms / protection plates
All the newly powder coated items are back and ready to be fitted to this orange VW T25 Syncro Doka.....bumpers / trailing arms / engine bash plates ..
Afternoon off anybody??
The Coast VW workshop has been so busy these past few weeks we have given everyone the afternoon off.....and yet where can they all be found....Ash and Jon are in the workshop working on their own projects and Pete's gone to his own lock-up to work on his projects.....and I'm catching up with paperwork. Still the weather looks good for the whole weekend....Spring camping just around the corner.... ..
VW Syncro in 4x4 Challenge
This picture shows one of Coast VW's customers having fun at Bala 4x4 centre....during the MAC4X4 in a Syncro !!!! A great event for a great cause - ..
VW T25 Syncro Rock Sliders
So the rock sliders we just fabricated at Coast VW last week look great all fitted on this 14” Volkswagen Syncro, offering sill protection and a great place to jack up a Syncro using a high lift jack ..
VW Syncro Suspension Repair
The rear suspension turret on this VW T25 16" Syncro had completely rotted away on the inside so we have fabricated a new 3mm plate to fit in, then we could fit the newly powder coated trailing arm and the new suspension. The owner opted for the H&R set up, this gives some flexibility on setting the ride height - and looks good too! ..
VW Syncro Security Safe Box
Another job nearing completion at Coast VW is this laptop safe box which we have fabricated to fit in this Volkswagen T25 14" South African Syncro. The box will be fixed to the back of the drivers seat box and then fitted with a 7-lever security lock. ..
Bespoke Rock Sliders for this 14" VW T25 Syncro
Another project on the go at the moment is the rock sliders we have been busy fabricating for this VW 14" Syncro Camper. This particular set have been designed for using with a high lift jack. We have just sent them off to be powder coated, so some 'final' images will be uploaded next week once they are fitted to the van. We have had a spare set fabricated or they can be made to order with a 2-3 week turnaround. ..
VW T25 Syncro Suspension Upgrade
This 14" VW T25 Syncro is with us having a new suspension set up fitted. Our customer opted for a Trailmaster Comfort set-up which gives a little bit of extra lift without the spring rates being too hard, A great cost effective suspension upgrade.     ..
Status Update on the Coast VW workshop
Just your average busy day in the Coast VW workshop.......Ash is repairing a rear tailgate for a VW 14" Syncro, Pete is servicing this VW High Top Westy, Jon is replacing the fuel tank sender in a VW 16" Syncro Doka and the South African VW Syncro patiently awaits its respray......  ..
VW T25 Syncro - underside corrosion
The South African Syncro currently in with us for a body restoration was worse underneath then we had anticipated…Ash gave it a gentle blast with the grit blaster which unveiled all this… We have now dropped out the complete front sub-frame and are currently removing the main chassis rail. The top left picture shows the five layers (amounting to 20mm thickness) which make up the box (Syncro sub frame strengthener/ main chassis / inner box / suspension plate / strengthener plates). The water had gotten between these layers causing them to expand which had in turn caused the sub frame to b..
VW T25 14" Syncro - long range fuel tank fitment
Back in at the Coast VW workshop is one of our favourite Syncro's (in one of our favourite colours). This VW T25 14" Syncro has come in to have long range fuel tanks fitted before its next road trip. Will be worked on next month once we've waded through January's 'to do' list!! Busy busy!! ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - undergoing a Subaru Engine Conversion
Subaru engine conversion wiring loom now built and ready to install in the VW Syncro - this huge pile of wire is what's left.  ..
VW T25 Syncro Body Restoration
Restoration work on the VW T25 South African Syncro continues...this photo shows Ash preparing the inner front panel seam returns (having just shot blasted them). They have been treated with the best zinc primers available. Once this has cured then the new front panel will be carefully Tig welded into place. ..
Latest Project - VW T25 16" Syncro Doka
Just in at the Coast VW workshop– via Mike Plompmen – is this Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro Doka. The current owner lives in France and has had his truck brought to us midway through a restoration elsewhere, arrived on a low-loader and has a bucket load of loose parts in the back / cab / storage areas so quite a bit of sorting out before we can even start work – but all in a worthy cause as the owner has got some great adventures planned for its future! (Sorry for bad photo but we put it straight in storage as the weather was so wet!)  ..
VW T25 Syncro Westfalia - Full service and new dials
Just in from Norfolk is one of our favourite trucks (VW T25 Syncro Westy) which has come to the Coast VW workshop to have a full service, Campervan Culture plasma dials fitted, a remote control warning light fitted and to have its air intak...e system altered (put into a snorkel) as this truck is frequently used for launching a bot and so to prevent any water ingress into engine... this is the truck we restored and shipped to New Zealand a few years back, which then came back to us for sale in 2012, we all have lots of history with this truck :) ..
VW T25 Syncro 16" Bodywork and other repairs...
This Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro has been with us at Coast VW to have some metal work repairs undertaken on seams and around the window. It is now just back from the painters where its had some freshening up. It has also had a full under body wax, new Syncro decal, central locking and electric windows repaired…..and an MOT tomorrow. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mechanicals
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is this VW T25 14" Syncro which has come to us for a mechanical survey and some possible bodywork. The owner has just bought it and his first priority is to get the 4WD working #vwsyncrovc #ceasedvc #vwsyncro #coastvw ..
Busy times...
It is peak sumer and yet the Coast VW workshop (and carpark) is chock-a-block with VW vans and campers. From VW Syncro conversions to Subaru engine conversions, to underbody protection wax jobs to an annual service before heading off on hol's we seem to hav a big variety of jobs half a team down the whole of August due to everybodies holiday time :) Busy, busy, busy....... ..