Experienced Mechanic Required
Experienced mechanic required for busy Volkswagen Garage   Skilled and enthusiastic individual required to perform general repairs to classic Volkswagens - mostly water-cooled.  Must be able to work as part of a small and dedicated team and be hard working with a strong attention to detail.  Please email us, including details of previous experience to info@coastvw.co.uk ..
VW T2 Baywindow - Electrical Work
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is another green VW Type 2 Baywindow...this one has just undergone a full body restoration (not by us) and is in with us to have some interior lights fitted, have a leisure battery installed and to get the fridge operating and functional....after all Summer is just around the corner and those beers will need chilling smile emoticon heart emoticon       ..
VW T5 4Motion Lift Kit
Love it when the Postie brings us exciting parcels on a Friday morning.....new Seikel springs for the Coast VW T5 Transporter Kombi 4Motion....watch this space :)   ..
Bit of a colour scheme taking place -
We like a colour co-ordinated workshop at Coast VW and it looks like today we will mainly be working on red Volkswagens....   ..
Status Update on the Coast VW workshop
Just your average busy day in the Coast VW workshop.......Ash is repairing a rear tailgate for a VW 14" Syncro, Pete is servicing this VW High Top Westy, Jon is replacing the fuel tank sender in a VW 16" Syncro Doka and the South African VW Syncro patiently awaits its respray......  ..
1983 VW Mark II Golf GL
So even though the workshop is stacked out and there is not a drop of space in any of our barns at home this little beauty was too good an opportunity to miss out on....a 'rare' 1983 VW MKII Golf 1.6 GL - naturally aspirated - will be a fun project over the coming months. Because you can never have too many VW's!!! ..
VW Baywindow Westfalia
This Volkswagen Type 2 Baywindow has just come into the Coast VW workshop. Its a lovely California imported Westfalia in great original condition. Has come to us for some modifications: a new Red9Design front beam, a Peloquin limited front diff in the back, some paintwork touch ups, and the correct fitting of its Porche tombstone seats...plus numerous other jobs....   ..
Lovin' our new workshop signs
So back in the Summer we built a new clean room area for our rebuilds.....so we also put a couple of new signs up around the workshop.......and after our Christmas 'Spring Clean' and some chunky investment the workshop gets better each year...feeling proud :)  ..
VW T25 Syncro - underside corrosion
The South African Syncro currently in with us for a body restoration was worse underneath then we had anticipated…Ash gave it a gentle blast with the grit blaster which unveiled all this… We have now dropped out the complete front sub-frame and are currently removing the main chassis rail. The top left picture shows the five layers (amounting to 20mm thickness) which make up the box (Syncro sub frame strengthener/ main chassis / inner box / suspension plate / strengthener plates). The water had gotten between these layers causing them to expand which had in turn caused the sub frame to b..
VW T25 16" Syncro Parts to be powder coated
All these VW T25 16" Syncro parts are off to be powder coated in black.....cant wait to get them back on and fitted - will look really smart against the orange paintwork :) ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Body Resto
The rear lower valance is all fitted and in place on the VW T25 14” Syncro we are currently restoring. Here you can see all of the plug welds onto the rear stiffening panel, this will then be followed up with the seam welds across the top join plus the side panels. All welds will then be ground down, Zinc primed and the joining work will all be seam sealed from the behind - Job done!  ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Body Resto
Mmmm, not what you want your rear valance to look like! New panel fully zinc primed prior to fitting…(we do this with every panel we fit wink emoticon ) - the VW T25 South African 14" Syncro restoration is going well...... ..
Subaru Engine Conversion
Subaru engine conversion nearly complete in this 14" Volkswagen Syncro – we will be uploading a You Tube video next week, watch this space :)  ..
Quality Restorations
Here we have a photo of Ash undertaking some metal work today on a VW T25 14" Syncro. The photo demonstrates what we are about at Coast VW....a qualified technician undertaking a professional job with all safety equipment being worn.....this dedicated approach ensures your van is in good hands when at the Coast VW workshop. ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - long range fuel tank fitment
Back in at the Coast VW workshop is one of our favourite Syncro's (in one of our favourite colours). This VW T25 14" Syncro has come in to have long range fuel tanks fitted before its next road trip. Will be worked on next month once we've waded through January's 'to do' list!! Busy busy!! ..
VW T25 Reimo- 6 seater conversion
The new owners of this VW T25 Reimo camper (which we sold to them last week) wanted it to be a six seater camper, safely - with seatbelts!!! So we sourced a Doka Crew Cab front double seat and then made a removable bulk head bar (just incase the new owners ever wanted to take it back to factory). We also sourced a VW Multivan rear facing seat (Thanks Mick at NWVW), which even included the frame. Because the Reimo floor is higher we had to modify the seat securing frame so the seat is fully removable. Hey presto - a six seater camper full seatbelts all round.  Nice work Pe..
Visitors Bearing Donuts ALWAYS Welcome!!
Nice to put a face to a name when James from VW Heritage popped in this avo....and the donuts were much appreciated - Ross you missed out!!! ..
FOR SALE - VW Baywindow Pick-Up
VW Baywindow Double Cab Pick Up for sale, ex military - This truck has been stored since late 2006 and has just been put back on the road with a fresh MOT.   More images here  Works recently completed:   Fitted 2ltr engine  New rings and a barrel hone New pushrod seals Barrels seated to block and head New twin single choke weber carbs fitted Re-built gearbox fitted New front shocks Brake service Various other small jobs done New rear crossmember fitted Both cab front steps replaced. New front door rubbers fitted ..
Enhancing the performance on VW T5 Kombi
Have just fitted this chip to our VW T5 Kombi van (2ltr 130BHP) as we weren't quite getting the performance we wanted......currently under evaluation so will upload a short film in due course to show you the before and after...but so far so good :) ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - undergoing a Subaru Engine Conversion
Subaru engine conversion wiring loom now built and ready to install in the VW Syncro - this huge pile of wire is what's left.  ..
VW T25 Campervan - SOLD!
This lovely red VW T25 Campervan has now sold! Its new owners are based in Scotland and will be coming to collect (and view for the first time) once we have carried out some routine maintenance - to include making it a 6 seater! Busy times.... ..
VW T25 16" Syncro VC
Pete has removed the front diff from this French VW T25 16” Syncro which had no drive to the front wheels. This picture shows the nose cone from the diff removed and the VC in situ, we are now sending this off for refurb. Meanwhile there is excessive float in the diff and we are going to change the bearings, reset the diff…etc etc ..
VW T25 Syncro Body Restoration
Restoration work on the VW T25 South African Syncro continues...this photo shows Ash preparing the inner front panel seam returns (having just shot blasted them). They have been treated with the best zinc primers available. Once this has cured then the new front panel will be carefully Tig welded into place. ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
This VW T25 Syncro is in at the Coast VW for a Subaru 2.5 ltr engine conversion. Gearbox has been cleaned and diff lock unseized and repaired, RJES bell housing fitted, gearbox offered up to the engine then engine and gearbox as a unit is trial fitted up into vehicle, cooling system is then plumbed in – next job will be to build the loom from this pile of spaghetti :)  ..
VW T5 4Motion Interior Upgrade
Well that should keep us busy - we have splashed out and bought a VW T5 caravelle interior for the VW T5 4-Motion, the seats and rails have been stripped from a brand new Caravelle but the interior panels are by Trimtech and have been designed especially for the Kombi vans - we have obviously fitted after market rear windows so not sure how easy it'll all go together...we'll all soon see :)  ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Westfalia
This beauty of a Syncro (16” T25 Westfalia) has been a frequent visitor of the Coast VW workshop for the past few years – in with us this time due to a drop in the oil pressure which was traced back to be a faulty pump, a new pump was fitted – along with a new gasket to the sump we also fitted an oil cooler so all these things should help keep the oil temps down and the pressure up...can we also point out workshop floors all shiny and blue once more!!! ..
VW T25 Cab Step Corrosion / Repair
The cab step is a common area of corrosion on the VW T25's...this photo is of a camper currently in the Coast VW workshop for a body restoration. Always worth peeling back your cab step rubber to see what lurks beneath yours.....a relatively simple repair if it is caught soon enough...     ..
Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro
This Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro has just been brought into the UK by Busman for its new owners. It has been delivered straight to us for a mechanical refurb and MOT so it can be UK registered. It’s in really original condition on the body with no corrosion. Watch its progress over the next few weeks ..
Volkswagen T25 High Top Camper for Restoration
These photo's show the repairs we have been undertaken to the front end of a VW T25 Camper that came into us a few weeks ago with historic front end accident damage which had been previously repaired but had corroded through in many areas necessitating the removal of the complete outer skin on the pillar. We sourced a good 'complete A-pillar' from Mick at NVVW as we had no suitable body cuts ourselves. Ash carefully unpicked the outer skin from this donor pillar and then grafted the skin back onto the van. Resulting in no more corrosion.       ..
Its almost too late to say this...BUT...wishing you all a Happy New Year. We all enjoyed the long break and normal services have now resumed :) ..
VW T25 Syncro 'Before Restoration' video
Quite exciting…our first You Tube video…showing a VW T25 14” Syncro (South African Import) before its restoration begins, watch it progress over the coming months….  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyZT1zqMnDU&feature=youtu.be  ..
VW T25 Body Restoration Complete
This Volkswagen T25 Auto Sleeper Campervan came to us in September for a full bodywork/sheel resto. Overall the van was is good condition having been well looked after by its owners, but it had also been well used with frequent trips over Europe.  The van arrived in the Coast workshop with the inside stripped out and ready to go.....once we had removed the windows the actual metal work repairs took only a couple of weeks in 'Dirty Corner' before going off to be painted in its fresh top coat. Upon its return it was built back up using as many of the orginal parts as possible, ..
Replacing Power Steering Pipes
So one of the jobs today was replacing these power steering pipes on this 16" VW Syncro - the old metal ones are often corroded. You can also see the new universal joint also - if your steering feel notchy its likely that this joint could be seized! ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - Oil Cooler fitting
Currently with us is this VW T25 16" Syncro Westfalia Hi-top which has a 1.9 Turbo diesel with intercooler fitted. After a recent trip to the Pyrenees mountains it was getting quite hot and bothered so is with us to have an oil cooler to fitted - this should keep a lid on those high oil temperatures that the 1.9 can be prone to! ..
Volkswagen T25 High Top Camper for Restoration
One in one out……the next body restoration has arrived – this Volkswagen T25 High Top Komet Campervan has come to us for some bodywork and full repaint. Overall its not it too bad condition but needs a complete A-pillar repair having had previous accident damage and now is badly corroded. You can follow this VW restoration on our blog and social platforms over the coming months to see how it progresses. ..
VW Gipsy heading to its new Homeland
What great customers we have! When our latest Welsh customers came to collect their VW Gipsy yesterday they came with a box of scrummy shortbread and our very own Y Ddraig Goch.  Diolch i chi guys :)  ..
Imposter Alert!
Eeeek! We had an imposter today;) It's okay though as its my Dads (and his other car 'really' is a VW Syncro :) :) ) ..
Volkswagen T25 Camper Restoration nearing completion
Busy, busy in the Coast workshop. Hopefully this Volkswagen T25 camper restoration will be pretty much built back up by the end of the week, glass all in now, vinyl stripes being applied tomorrow, watch this space for its final photo shoot... ..
Latest Project - VW T25 16" Syncro Doka
Just in at the Coast VW workshop– via Mike Plompmen – is this Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro Doka. The current owner lives in France and has had his truck brought to us midway through a restoration elsewhere, arrived on a low-loader and has a bucket load of loose parts in the back / cab / storage areas so quite a bit of sorting out before we can even start work – but all in a worthy cause as the owner has got some great adventures planned for its future! (Sorry for bad photo but we put it straight in storage as the weather was so wet!)  ..
VW 1.6JX  Engine Replacement
This Volkswagen T25 has come to us for a replacement 1.6 JX engine. The owner opted to swap out for a good usable replacement, we often have stock of used engines.... ..
VW T25 14" Syncro with Subaru conversion
What have we been up to?? Would probably be quicker to write a post on what we haven't been up to.....been a crazy busy week in the Coast VW workshop so apologies at the lack of news... So, this Volkswagen T25 Syncro with a Subaru Conversion has been in with us for a replacement sump, a replacement engine mounting, and to have a new exhaust system fitted (reinstate the lamda system) and the next job is to fit an original Syncro bash plate.... ..
VW T5 Sound Proofing
We did have a chuckle in the Coast VW workshop when we removed the interior rear panels. Bare in mind our VW T5 is a 'Trendline' which comes with 'extra soundproofing measures' !!! Now that we have fully soundproofed side panels, floors, doors etc in Silent Coat Extra  4mm - can't believe the difference in noise level. Just waiting to decide what interior panels to fit before we insulate the rear wheel arches. ..
VW T25 Windscreen Rot
Another van has come to the Coast VW workshop with windscreen rot! This is what happens if you don't act quick enough...we have now removed the windscreen, cut back the front panel and repaired the A-pillar and screen area ready for the new front upper grille... ..
VW T25 14" Syncro with Subaru conversion
We collected this 14" Syncro last week (yes vehicle collections are all part of the service at Coast VW) because it needs some finishing off work doing - we have been asked to fit a new exhaust, fit a new sump, fit an engine carrier plate and refit the engine bash plates. ..
Volkswagen T25 Reimo Campervan  for Sale
Year: 1989 Fuel: Diesel 1.7 Right hand drive Owners: 4 Mileage: 130000 MOT: April 8th 2015 History: Comprehensive Condition: Very nice indeed Details: Selling on behalf of a customer. Wow! what a great van, you don’t see that many really well cared for vans with low miles, not too many owners and a huge history file. Its Right hand drive fully fitted out reimo conversion is practical, spacious and again in amazing condition, it really is worth seeing if you are genuinely looking for a great van. Lots of storage 4 berth ¾ rock and roll bed Fridge 3 way ..
VW T25 Westfalia Suspension Work
This VW T25 Westfalia is in at the Coast VW workshop having an underbody wax job and some suspension work undertaken. After pressure washing its underside it cleaned the wheel arches up so well that the original factory paint looked mint! Picture 3 then shows the same wheel arch after underbody wax protection has been applied and the final shot shows the orange HEL brake lines and Trailmaster shocks. Looking good :)  ..
VW T5 4Motion Van Rated Wheels
After much deliberation we finally chose the new wheel for our VW T5 4MOTION– especially given where we live and our daily roads/lanes – decision was made for weight rated 17” Ronals to which we fitted a Maxxis all terrain tyre 225 - 60 -17 this is a perfect wheel and tyre size combo for the VW T5 4MOTION as it stays under 28” overall diameter thus not having an detrimental effect to the Volkswagen systems or gearing. ..
VW T25 Trailmaster Suspension work
In at the Coast VW workshop is an interesting VW T25 which comes with a Westfalia roof and has a Subaru engine fitted. It came to us having failed its MOT on suspension work. Whilst with us it is having new springs and Trailmaster 'Element' shocks, some polybush work to the front end, anti-roll bar links and steering rack. HEL brake lines (in orange) and once all these jobs buttoned up it will have a full underbody wax job to see it through the winter. ..
VW T5 Engine Service & MOT
This locally owned VW T5 is in at the #coastvw workshop today for a fresh MOT, engine service and a few odd bits of maintenance.  Pete's last job before heading off to Spain for the week - hope its drier over there for his holiday! ..
VW T5 Kombi - Rear Windows Fitted
Snazzy new windows have transformed our new VW T5 Kombi van from a commercial into a more domestic vehicle. We opted for Volkswagen spec windows so ensure they matched the other side windows - looking good, ......now for some wheels! ..
VW T25 Seam Sealing
Before heading off to paint we have sealed all seams on the VW T25 Camper. Ash has been working his magic to get them 'factory look' (with the raised centre) - which takes lots of patience! Once painted it will look as factory as you can possible get. ..
VW Baywindow Double Cab Pick-up FOR SALE
Volkswagen Type 2 transporter double cab. Genuine Ex-military. This truck has been stored since late 2006 and has just been put back on the road with a fresh MOT. Works recently completed: Fitted 2ltr engine New rings and a barrel hone New pushrod seals Barrels seated to block and head New twin single choke weber carbs fitted Re-built gearbox fitted New front shocks Brake service Various other small jobs done New rear crossmember fitted Both cab front steps replaced. New front door rubbers fitted The truck has its original canvas and frame in place, it..
VW Gipsy Imported for new owners
This VW T25 Gipsy has been sourced by Busman in Belgium for its new owners in Wales. In at the Coast VW workshop for MOT work, service and preparing for UK registration. Once paperwork complete it should be heading to its new Welsh destination within the next few weeks. ..
VW T25 Syncro Westfalia - Full service and new dials
Just in from Norfolk is one of our favourite trucks (VW T25 Syncro Westy) which has come to the Coast VW workshop to have a full service, Campervan Culture plasma dials fitted, a remote control warning light fitted and to have its air intak...e system altered (put into a snorkel) as this truck is frequently used for launching a bot and so to prevent any water ingress into engine... this is the truck we restored and shipped to New Zealand a few years back, which then came back to us for sale in 2012, we all have lots of history with this truck :) ..
VW Baywindow Doka - back on the road!!
This 1978 Volkswagen T2 Baywindow Doka hasn't been on the road since 2006 and after a bit of 'TLC' sailed through it's MOT today - damn we're good! Such a great truck, turns heads wherever it goes - will be up for sale in the next few days.....   ..
VW T25 Syncro 16" Bodywork and other repairs...
This Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro has been with us at Coast VW to have some metal work repairs undertaken on seams and around the window. It is now just back from the painters where its had some freshening up. It has also had a full under body wax, new Syncro decal, central locking and electric windows repaired…..and an MOT tomorrow. ..
VW Baywindow Restoration
Mmmm, not what you want your underside to look like Believe it or not this has been 'supposedly' restored !!? Shame it didn't come into the Coast VW workshop first time round....A great project for a new family as the current owners are too dispirited to finance any further works...any takers??   ..
UB Waxing Prevents Corrosion
Another cavity/underbody wax job undertaken at the Coast VW workshop yesterday - a great time of year to do such a job before the rain and road salt season. At £550 inc all labour / materials / VAT it is a wise investment as it will save you more than that in the long run.... The underside is first cleaned with wire brush and air line before the bungs are removed and cavities filled with Dynax S50 cavity wax. The underside is then treated with Dynax Anti Corrosion under body wax for that belt and bracers approach. Both products available in our webshop from £17.99. //www.coastvw.co.uk/..
VW T5 4 MOTION Camper Conversion
Having recently purchased this new VW T5 4MOTION Kombi Van thought we'd do some nice 'before' images as we are planning a transformation into a camper/day van over the coming months..... We have already affixed front and rear mudflaps, cab window wind deflectors and rear bumper load protector (nearly 10 deep scratches from dogs and bikes within 4 days!!!) Next job being the rear windows which should be going in end of the week, and wheels are fairly high up on the list (but our children need feeding first apparently!) Keep watching guys...   A full album of i..
VW T25 Syncro Holiday Breakdown
Mmmm, so what you don't want when in France is your distributer failing.....but at least these Coast VW customers were actually en-route to the ferry terminal so it wasn't too much of an inconvenience.....the breakdown company towed it straight to us on Sunday night to diagnose / fix :) ..
Volkswagen Syncro Engine Service
This 14" Volkswagen Syncro is back at the Coast VW workshop for its annual service and a few small repairs....tank straps need replacing, as do the steering rack gaiters and headlamps (reflective coating has corroded) and also an engine service before being collected on Wednesday. ..
VW Baywindow Bodywork
Just in at Coast VW this week is this 1971 VW Early Baywindow - which as you can see needs a fair bit of metal work and TLC. Not quite what you may expect though given that the owner has already paid to have it restored....but as the saying goes "Buy Cheap, Pay Twice" - although to be fair the owners never sought out a 'cheap' job, but sadly for them that is exactly what they got :( ..
VW T25 Syncro Mechanicals
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is this VW T25 14" Syncro which has come to us for a mechanical survey and some possible bodywork. The owner has just bought it and his first priority is to get the 4WD working #vwsyncrovc #ceasedvc #vwsyncro #coastvw ..
Check out Pips new wheels!
After selling Pip's 1971 VW Baywindow in the summer decision time came about what to replace it with. The new T5 4motion ticked all the right boxes, and after waiting 3 months for its build it arrived yesterday....it is a blank canvas for us to put our mark on in terms of wheels / interior / suspension.......follow its progress on our fb page or website blog ..
Ash's 1.8T Engine Conversion
The Coast VW Workshop Manager - Ash - has taken this week off work and yet has chosen to spend his time coming back to work everyday to work on his own engine conversion in his VW T25 Camper, going from a 2.1 to a 1.8T should make those hills a bit more pleasurable..... ..
VW T25 Windscreen Rust
The Coast VW team have currently got a lot of bodywork jobs on the go, in this photo you can see the VW T25 windscreen surround has corroded around the washer jet, now all primed and repaired... If you have got wet carpet in your footwell this is the likely cause! ..
VW T25 Camper Restoration
Seams have now been shot blasted on this Volkswagen T25 Campervan, the sliding door track cover was removed which revealed more corrosion. This area was then cut out and has been prepared ready for a repair piece of metal to be let in. ..
VW T25 Camper Restoration
Now that the campervan has been stripped down we have moved into into our 'dirty corner' in order to start repairing the corrosion areas such as the lower front panel, sliding door track cover and various seams around the vehicle - all fairly common problem areas on a VW T25 camper!             ..
VW T25 Rusty Seams
This Volkswagen 16" Syncro is in at the Coast VW workshop having some seam rash rectified. The side window frame had to be repaired, seems have been carved / shot blasted / zinc primed and new seam sealant has just been applied to seams before top coat goes on. ..
VW T25 Camper Restoration
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is the Volkswagen T25 High Top Autosleeper which has come to us for bodywork restoration. This well looked after van has been all over Europe. The current owners who have had it for years decided they couldn't let it go so are treating it to a full bodywork/shell resto. Follow its progress on our blog.... ..
VW T2 Ex-Military Bay
This week we have the Coast VW T2 Ex-miliatry Doka bay window in the workshop for a bit of TLC. It's no show bus, but we think it oozes character and get out in it whenever we can. The rear crosss member, chassis rail, door steps and outer sill were all looking tired so these have been replaced with quality panels. All areas have been rust treated and primed, next the areas will be painted up to ensure it's looking its best.   ..
16" Test Drive!
After fitting a recon 2.2 waterboxer engine, new VC, Seikel springs, OME Dampers, Black Diamond disc, braided HEL brake lines and new stock rear brakes, we finally got this Syncro out where it belongs on a mild green lane for a running gear test drive! It didn't disappoint     ..
Dash Pod Woes
This lovely 16" T25 Syncro came into us today experiencing issues with his dash pods.  In so many cases we see the circuit board has burned out and needs replacing from a donor pod.  Fortunately this is a fairly straight forward job and can be done in a couple of hours. Ready to roll again..... (without the buzzing) :-) ..
New Mr.Beam camping lantern
Took our new Mr.Beams lantern camping this weekend, one of the nicest lamps we have ever owned as the glow is nice and subtle, very ambient for a chilled camping evening! If only the sun had also shone! USB port allows for multiple charges for devices and still provides you with hours of bright LED light. These lanterns are available in our webshop (and have just been reduced!) - They get our vote!!! ..
Underbody Wax Treatments
It's funny how we have 'trends' in the Coast VW workshop. Two weeks ago all the Volkswagen vans were blue, this week they are all white - and everyone is booking underbody wax treatments, 4 in one week, and it's nobodies favourite job...especially in this heat! ..
Q: What can I replace my old stock Dometic fridge fitted in the Westy kitchen block with?
A: Simple! We can supply and fit the Dometic RM123. Looks like it was always there. //www.coastvw.co.uk/dometic-rm123 ..
Underbody Wax
Pete getting involved with some serious under body protection! The underside is first cleaned with wire brush and air line before the bungs are removed and cavities filled with Dynax S50 cavity wax. The underside is then treated with Dynax Anti Corrosion under body wax for that belt and bracers approach. Both products available in our webshop from £17.99. //www.coastvw.co.uk/vw-conversion-and-restoration/vw-restoration/dynax-ub-anti-corrosion-underbody-wax-5ltr-jerry-can or give us a call and we can book you into the workshop for treatment. ..
Busy times...
It is peak sumer and yet the Coast VW workshop (and carpark) is chock-a-block with VW vans and campers. From VW Syncro conversions to Subaru engine conversions, to underbody protection wax jobs to an annual service before heading off on hol's we seem to hav a big variety of jobs in....plus half a team down the whole of August due to everybodies holiday time :) Busy, busy, busy....... ..
Sugar Coated Mefro
Ok, well not quite sugar coated but sweet as! We ust got these #Syncro #Mefro's back from powder coating and we think they look the business! We stock both 15" & 16" to fit your T25 Westfalia and Syncro. They ship in standard steel finish but find they look tired after 18 months or so.  By powder coating them first it ensures they still look at good in 3 years as they day you fitted them.  So long as you look after them of course! ..
Ash treats this Westfalia High Top for water ingress.
This customer came to us with rusty water marks on the interior of his headliner caused by water seeping through the old high top joint. The gutters were dug out, bead blasted, primed with an MCU primer. Then the new Sikaflex was applied and the area re painted. Tidy - and no more water ingress. ..
T4/5 Wheel Bling!
While the majority of the vehciles we work on are European, we love to support British industry where possible.  So when a product like this comes along we can't help but support them.  These TUV tested van rated 18" wheels are the perefct addition to your T4/T5 transporter. Need rubber? Give us a call and we can make up a package for you. ..
Coast VW launches Silent Coat Promotional Video
This week we had the camera crew in to film a short infomercial on a Silent Coat, a sound proofing and vibration dampening product we use in the workshop.  We'd love to know what you think of this kind of video. Leave us a comment below if you have any ideas/suggestions for this kind of thing going forward :-)     ..
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Syncro Subaru Conversion Update
This Subaru crossover manifold has been modified for the T25 coolant pipe fitment for the Syncro to Subaru conversion we have in house this week. ..
VW T25 Reimo - In for some maintenance
This lovely VW T25 Reimo Conversion (with only 2 other owners from new!!) is with us for some routine maintenance; upper wishbone bushes at the front, replacement fuel lines, brake line checks ready for a camping weekend tomorrow, lets hope the sun continues to shine...    ..
VW T25 Syncro Engine Conversion
Ross had a busy day stripping out this wiring loom from a Subaru Legacy ready for an engine conversion on a VW T25 Syncro. The current owner tows a small Eriba caravan and felt his VW Syncro really lacked power with his current 2.1DJ set up. We are replacing the current engine with a 2.5EJ25 Subaru flat 4 engine, this engine produces around 165HP and makes the Volkswagen Syncro a real pleasure to drive. The Coast VW Subaru engine conversion is unique and we feel offers the best solution for any VW Syncro owner - please contact us for more information if you are considering such a conversion :)..
T25 Syncro Subaru Engine Conversion
Here we go again! After extensive work in the Coast VW workshop this fine example of Syncro is back and this time its for a Subaru engine conversion.  This is one of our favourite jobs so we are just a little but excited ;-). More updates to follow! ..
T4 Reimo Roof Conversion
"Measure twice (or even three times!!), cut once!" Says Ash as he embarks upon this #T4 #Reimo pop top roof conversion. We can supply and fit pop top roofs to any vw transporter or Kombi, and usually return your van in around 3 days. ..
#T25 #Westfalia #Syncro #Conversion Update!
Engine and Syncro box now in. This has the de-coupler option fitted which lets you switch between the 4WD Syncro mode or 2WD. Polybushes fitted to the mounts on the gearbox and the front Differential. Uprated rear Syncro springs fitted, helps with the extra weight of the Westfalia hi-top when fully loaded up. 16 inch original Syncro wheels fitted with the classic BFG AT tyre in 215-70-16 fitment going on.Work in progress - Lots more to do, but coming along nicely now. Lucky Dan!     This conversion is now complete! Read the full article here. ..
Volkswagen T25 Syncro Doka fully restored
Well the entire Coast VW team have definitely earnt themselves a few beers this weekend as yet another classic Volkswagen restoration project has reached completion. It has been with us for 6 months and in this time been transformed into a truly spectacular vehicle (even if we do say so ourselves:) ). Where to start…? It has had a full body restoration to include installing another doka cab door (as per a Tristar), although the treasure chest doors look totally original they actually hinge down to make loading easier (with the release mechanisms inside the door apertures), 2.5 ltr Subaru..
T25 Westy Syncro Conversion
Dan (the lucky owner) has made a great Job of preparing all the parts by having them Zinc plated and then powdercoated, he supplied all the polybushes  and we are busy building up the sub assembly’s ready to fit to the westy. Thanks for all your hard work here Dan it makes building up a real pleasure! See the full write up here! ..
Broken down Volkswagen T5 transported to the Coast VW workshop
Another VW T5 was transported to us by a breakdown company – this time with a stripped output shaft on the front diff. Customer then opted for a quick engine service whilst it was with us. ..
Volkswagen Convoy to the ND Coast – with some of the Coast VW team!

Fun times in our Volkswagen vans this weekend! You cant beat a VW convoy (of all vintages) down to Woolacombe for a BBQ with good friends, Happy Bank Holiday everyone :)

VW T25 High Top Westfalia California gets a make over!

The latest restoration that has just come in to the Coast VW workshop is the Volkswagen T25 California Hi-top which needs some TLC to its metalwork, the classic Westy Hi-top leak has happened and caused some damage to the upper windscreen area and this has to be cut out and re-made.

Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro Westfalia – vw restoration complete
Thursday 15th May 2014   Wow! Been a busy week but the results were worth it as another restoration comes to completion, the very proud owner collected yesterday….. A better description coming shortly… ..
“Just Another Manic Monday” at Coast VW today
Monday 12th May 2014 “Just another manic Monday…..” oh yes it is all go in the Coast VW workshop today, fitting this new 2.2 waterboxer engine into a VW Caravelle, finishing the rebuild of this 16″ Westfalia restoration, an MOT on a local VW T25 Syncro Doka, builders are in working on the new office, electrician sorting the new electrics for the office, carpet fitters have been in to measure up and the webshop is days away from launch……. ..
VW T25 16″ Syncro – full body restoration/ rebuild
Not the way the Coast VW team like to work but having been let down by the two suppliers (windscreen and headlining so both fairly crucial for a rebuild) it is now going to be a busy few days finishing of this VW T25 16″ Syncro rebuild and MOT …….being collected Wednesday morning and also need to factor in a photo shoot….watch this space ..
Coast VW Full Page Ad in Camper & Commercial Magazine
Loving this months Camper & Commercial, especially our full page ad on page 4…. Based in North Devon we specialise in all kinds of Volkswagen services from a simple oil change to a full body restoration on all VW models from Splitscreens and Baywindows to T4 and T5 – give us a call if you wish to discuss works required to your vehicle. ..
A Volkswagen Beetle made entirely from oak!
  Taken from The San Francisco Globe: When 71 year old Momir Bojic retired, he set out to build his ultimate dream car, the Volkswagen Beetle. That’s not the impressive part. What’s impressive is that he built a wooden car out of 50,000 pieces of oak! Yep, that’s right. The intricacy and details on this piece are absolutely stunning. A true craftsmanship! The entire project took him over 2 years to complete. His work is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen a car quite like this one – a functional and artsy car at the same time! ..
Volkswagen T25 Camping Interior
The new camping interior has just arrived for the Volkswagen T25 Syncro High Top camper – which is a rare right hand drive model. The van will be heading of to the paint shop shortly to undergo its colour change from red to brown… ..
Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro headlining fitting
The Coast VW team have just finished fitting a new headlining to this Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro, the finishing touches for this complete restoration are coming together nicely – new owner is coming to collect soon ..