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VW T3 Syncro Paintwork
Sam (our new bodyshop apprentice) has done a nice job colour testing the new paint on the CoastVW Syncro Doka - we have decided on Porsche Slate Grey. Paint is so shiny we have out very own 'hall of mirrors' :)     ..
16" VW T3 Syncro Camper for Sale
Just in is one of our old favourite Syncro's… up for sale with the spec sheet being typed up in the next few days. If you've always wanted a 16" Syncro act quick as it wont be around for long...….all enquiries to   ..
VW T3 16" Metal Work Repairs
A little light metal work surgery on this 16 inch Volkswagen Doka. The front jacking point had corroded and taken the front edge of the sill with it so we removed the outer section on the front outrigger to allow correct repairs inside the B pillar.  We will now fabricate a new sill section along with the supporting frame inside the sill, before making the outrigger section and stitching it all back together, when finished it will be an invisible repair. ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Body Restoration
The custom rear panel has now been fitted into this VW T3 16" Syncro. Middle panel has also been trial fitted and is now ready for welding in place.   #coastvw #vwt3resto #vwt3bodywork ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Restoration
We have made a bit of progress on the latest VW T3 Syncro restoration that is in: 1. Bottom of b-pillar has been cut back to expose the inner frame which shows light surface corrosion but no rot 2. Front A-pillar  on nearside had some accident damage which was rather crudely panel will be fitted here 3. Short sill panel has been removed to expose the inner frame which is often corroded away but this one looks good 4. Mid panel has had a lot of filler applied over large dent which will pull out to straighten the panel   ..
Custom Build Exhaust
Clever Ash has just fabricated a lovely free-flowing customised stainless steel side exit exhaust for this Volkswagen T25 16" Doka with a 2.3 5-cylinder Audi engine - sounds fantastic!! ..
VW T26 16" Syncro Campervan - new owners
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro - aka 'Big Yellow' - has finally been united with his new owner having spent the past two years in our storage facilities.....i'm sure many adventures await :)   Ps - That's Jon's daily driver - VW T25 Syncro Doka - photo bombing the shot :) ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Build Up
This VW T25 16" Syncro is currently being built up at Coast VW - with bumper/grills/wheels/truck mirrors....having already had a 2.5Ltr Subaru engine conversion fitted :) ..
Subaru Engine Conversion Wiring
Ash has been in the engine bay all day getting the wiring loom ready for the 3L Subaru engine conversion in the VW T26 16" Syncro we are currently rebuilding ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Rebuild - Electric Window Installation
The rebuild on this VW T25 16” Syncro is progressing well…’factory’ central locking wiring loom has been installed, and we will also be installing electric mirrors, electric windows and heated seats using factory kit as much as possible and fabrication the rest. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Restoration
Fresh from the paintshop is this VW T25 16" Syncro having had bodywork repairs completed in the Coast VW workshop. And so the rebuild begins..... ..
VW T25 Disc Brake Conversion
This 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has had a disc brake conversion - we are just working out the discs used (Mercedes) should be all back together by next week smile emoticon ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - engine power upgrade
This lovely 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just come back from its first road test after hybrid turbo, Mtdi rover pump and intercooler fitment - what a transformation as now feels light and responsive to drive :) ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - imported from Europe
This 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just come into us from Europe so the Coast VW team are busy preparing it for UK registration and MOT. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - H6 Subaru Engine Conversion
We have had a first fit for this H6 3.0ltr flat 6 Subaru engine, which is going into a 16” VW T25 Syncro. Top left shows the ECU and electrical items main board for Subaru engine conversion, components are mounted to our newly developed board and then a strong cover attached, the diagnostic port is then accessible from the outside. Top right shows ECU box  with the diagnostic port on the top right for this VW T25 Subaru engine conversion. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro High Top
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro with a factory high top has been shipped to us from Ireland. It is in the Coast VW workshop for some mechanical work. Oh and owner has also just decided to have a 2.5 Subaru engine fitted whilst its with us...... ..
VW 16" Syncro Body Resto/Subaru Engine Conversion
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro has been imported from Italy, direct to us for its full body restoration and Subaru engine conversion. Vehicle has been stripped down and body panel repairs have commenced, starting with a new front lower panel, small side panel repair and lots of shot blasting! ..
A sunny Syncro day...
Two yellow 16" Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro's were in the workshop recently....what are the chances! ..
VW T25 16" Camper Restoration
The Coast VW Team has started stripping out this 16" Syncro camper which was shipped in from Italy for a full body restoration and an engine conversion to a Subaru H6!  ..
VW T25 Syncro Mefro Steel Wheels
Undoubtedly the most popular item in our web shop......16" mefros! We decided to get these powder coated in black gloss to fit on a VW Syncro Camper......... Mefros are now on special offer with 10% off for July only, offer applies to 15" and 16" Mefros smile emoticon - at an additional cost we can also get them powder coated for you! ..
VW Syncro Suspension Repair
The rear suspension turret on this VW T25 16" Syncro had completely rotted away on the inside so we have fabricated a new 3mm plate to fit in, then we could fit the newly powder coated trailing arm and the new suspension. The owner opted for the H&R set up, this gives some flexibility on setting the ride height - and looks good too! ..
Status Update on the Coast VW workshop
Just your average busy day in the Coast VW workshop.......Ash is repairing a rear tailgate for a VW 14" Syncro, Pete is servicing this VW High Top Westy, Jon is replacing the fuel tank sender in a VW 16" Syncro Doka and the South African VW Syncro patiently awaits its respray......  ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Parts to be powder coated
All these VW T25 16" Syncro parts are off to be powder coated in black.....cant wait to get them back on and fitted - will look really smart against the orange paintwork :) ..
VW T25 16" Syncro VC
Pete has removed the front diff from this French VW T25 16” Syncro which had no drive to the front wheels. This picture shows the nose cone from the diff removed and the VC in situ, we are now sending this off for refurb. Meanwhile there is excessive float in the diff and we are going to change the bearings, reset the diff…etc etc ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Westfalia
This beauty of a Syncro (16” T25 Westfalia) has been a frequent visitor of the Coast VW workshop for the past few years – in with us this time due to a drop in the oil pressure which was traced back to be a faulty pump, a new pump was fitted – along with a new gasket to the sump we also fitted an oil cooler so all these things should help keep the oil temps down and the pressure up...can we also point out workshop floors all shiny and blue once more!!! ..
Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro
This Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro has just been brought into the UK by Busman for its new owners. It has been delivered straight to us for a mechanical refurb and MOT so it can be UK registered. It’s in really original condition on the body with no corrosion. Watch its progress over the next few weeks ..
Replacing Power Steering Pipes
So one of the jobs today was replacing these power steering pipes on this 16" VW Syncro - the old metal ones are often corroded. You can also see the new universal joint also - if your steering feel notchy its likely that this joint could be seized! ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - Oil Cooler fitting
Currently with us is this VW T25 16" Syncro Westfalia Hi-top which has a 1.9 Turbo diesel with intercooler fitted. After a recent trip to the Pyrenees mountains it was getting quite hot and bothered so is with us to have an oil cooler to fitted - this should keep a lid on those high oil temperatures that the 1.9 can be prone to! ..
Latest Project - VW T25 16" Syncro Doka
Just in at the Coast VW workshop– via Mike Plompmen – is this Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro Doka. The current owner lives in France and has had his truck brought to us midway through a restoration elsewhere, arrived on a low-loader and has a bucket load of loose parts in the back / cab / storage areas so quite a bit of sorting out before we can even start work – but all in a worthy cause as the owner has got some great adventures planned for its future! (Sorry for bad photo but we put it straight in storage as the weather was so wet!)  ..
VW T25 Rusty Seams
This Volkswagen 16" Syncro is in at the Coast VW workshop having some seam rash rectified. The side window frame had to be repaired, seems have been carved / shot blasted / zinc primed and new seam sealant has just been applied to seams before top coat goes on. ..
16" Test Drive!
After fitting a recon 2.2 waterboxer engine, new VC, Seikel springs, OME Dampers, Black Diamond disc, braided HEL brake lines and new stock rear brakes, we finally got this Syncro out where it belongs on a mild green lane for a running gear test drive! It didn't disappoint     ..
VW T25 16″ Syncro – full body restoration/ rebuild
Not the way the Coast VW team like to work but having been let down by the two suppliers (windscreen and headlining so both fairly crucial for a rebuild) it is now going to be a busy few days finishing of this VW T25 16″ Syncro rebuild and MOT …….being collected Wednesday morning and also need to factor in a photo shoot….watch this space ..
Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro headlining fitting
The Coast VW team have just finished fitting a new headlining to this Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro, the finishing touches for this complete restoration are coming together nicely – new owner is coming to collect soon ..
2.2 Engine Upgrade for 16″ Volkswagen Syncro
At the Coast VW workshop we are just doing a 2.2 engine replacement for this 16″ Volkswagen Syncro. The original engine was also a waterboxer but was getting tired and worn out hence why owner opted to upgrade….we can build engines to a high standard so feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements. ..
Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro full Restoration and Repaint
The Coast VW team are currently rebuilding this Volkswagen T25 16″ Syncro which has just been resprayed Escorial Green having had a full metal work restoration with us. We have nearly finished the full Dynomat internal lining and now the roof rack and spare wheel cover are back from the powder coaters they have also been refitted – look great against the green paintwork. ..
Volkswagen T25 Syncro 16″ Doka – full body restoration complete
This lovely example of a Volkswagen T25 Syncro 16″ Doka left the Coast VW workshop last week having been with us for 4 months. The Coast VW team undertook a full body restoration on this classic vehicle followed by a full respray in its original Dove blue (VW Paint code LH5G). It also had a 1.9 engine conversion, gearbox rebuild, trailmaster shocks, brake upgrade front, polybush work and stainless steel exhaust. It has gone back to London where the owner uses it as his daily work truck, happy days! ..