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VW T3 Custom Exhaust System
We have just fitted a custom made exhaust system to this VW T3 Syncro which has a Subaru flat 6 EZ30D engine conversion. 3 into 1 stainless headers with 10mm lazer cut flanges with 3mm wall thickness tube, header flanged onto a sports cell CAT with lambda port and onto a baffled silencer. Mirrored system for left hand and right hand bank.     ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
This Volkswagen T25 14" Syncro is at the CoastVW workshop having a twin cam Ej25 Subaru engine conversion which is in the process of being fitted in its freshly painted engine bay.   #coastvw #vwt25engineconversion ..
VW T3 Syncro Refurb
This fantastic looking VW T25 14" Syncro Westfalia high top came into the CoastVW workshop for a general refurb/update including:   - 1.9 Turbo diesel engine conversion - Fox suspension upgrade - Rear bumpers with GoWesty swing away wheel carriers - Road shower - Wheels & tyre package - Gutter refurb - Localised pain repairs - New skylights - Interior reupholstered by Bromsgrove       ..
VW Syncro Subaru Engine Conversion
Our first holiday snapshot is of this lovely South African Volkswagen Syncro Caravelle which was out and about after a full Subaru engine conversion using a EJ25 2.5 ltr. What a cracking looking bus!   #vwsubaruengineconversion ..
VW T25 Porsche Brake Upgrade
We have just fit these late uprights for a Porsche big brake upgrade. Because we are fitting a Subaru SVX 230HP engine into this Volkswagen T25 2WD the standard brakes weren't really up for job.   #coastvw #vwt25brakeupgrade ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion - EJ25
We have just finished another Subaru engine conversion in this 2WD Volkswagen T25 using a 160HP EJ25 2.5ltr flat 4 - the best petrol engine there is for the VW T3 Transporters.   #coastvw #subaruengineconversion ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
This VW T3 came to us to have a Subaru engine conversion, just finishing off. This is a fantastic engine conversion for a VW T3 campervan :)  #vwt25 #vwt3 #vet3engineconversion #vwt25engineconversion #vwt25subaruengine #vwvanlife #vwcamper #coastvw #vwdevon ..
VW T3 Paint
What a busy week we've had at Coast VW. Here is James just finishing of the primer coats on the final panels for custom paint work on VW T3 syncro. Happy weekend folks! :) #vwt25 ..
Subaru Engine Conversion
Just finished fitting this Subaru EJ25 2.5 ltr engine into a South African Syncro. These Subaru engines are such a good fit in a T3 and brilliant to drive, quiet, smooth and powerful. If you are thinking of an engine conversion in your Volkswagen campervan then we recommend this engine as being the best petrol engine conversion in a VW T3. ..
VW Camper Magazine Editorial
We were super pleased with the 6 page article in this months Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine all about one of our recent restorations.... #coastvw #vt3restorations #vwcamper        ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Engine Replacement
This 1976 Volkswagen Baywindow engine has come out, to be replaced with a1.8 reconditioned unit, along with some MOT work. #coastvw #vwbaywindowservicing #vwbaywindowenginereplacement ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
This VW T3 14" Syncro Doka has just had a 2.5ltr Subaru engine fitted and is off for a test drive :) ..
VW T3 Syncro - Subaru Engine Conversion
Engine bay just being prepped before 'popping' in this Subaru EJ25 engine into a Volkswagen T3 Syncro. #subaruengineconversions #coastvw #vwt3engineconversion ..
VW T3 Engine Bay Metal Repairs
This VW T3 Syncro engine bay is undergoing some metal work repairs. On the Syncro variants mud collects between the fuel pipe between and the chassis which eventually corrodes the bottom of the engine bay panel. ..
VW T3 Carb Tuning
This VW T3 Reimo popped into the CoastVW workshop as it was experiencing issues with the twin carb set up. We replaced all the fuel lines, synchronised the carbs and traced the running issue to a split servo take off pipe. ..
Off home....
HI HO HI to Edinburgh this van goes....the full body restoration and Subaru engine conversion on this VW T3 campervan has come to a close and is off to be reunited with its owner :) :) :) :) :) ..
2.1 Engine For Sale
2.1 Engine for sale - We have a customer who is selling his 2.1 block with a 1.9 manifold and carb, relatively low miles since being reconditioned, low compression on no.3. Owner is selling complete, get in touch if you are interested :) ..
VW T3 2.5 Subaru Engine Conversion
It's going in......2.5 Subaru engine into this VW T3 14" Doka :) ..
MTdi Engine Refurbishment
This customers VW T3 Campervan had one of the first MTdi conversions many years ago...and it is now with us for an engine refurbishment. We have prepared and painted the engine bay, completely renewed the coolant system, replaced the cylinder head and replaced the clutch with a complete Tdi clutch system.....we are now just fitting it all back together. ..
Another Subaru engine conversion....
We are busy preparing this VW T3 14" Doka engine bay ready for a 2.5 Subaru engine conversion. ..
We are super pleased with our back-cover ad on this months Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine which has just arrived in the post. We have worked on this customers van for over 5 years and in that time we have undertaken a full metal work restoration, an engine conversion and various other bespoke works. Photo credits go to him and his friend for allowing us to use this great image for our marketing…….beers in the post guys ???? ..
VW T3 Syncro & 2WD Subaru Engine Conversions
Coast VW Subaru engine conversions for VW T3 2WD and Syncro.   Our Subaru engine conversion programme has been specially developed for the T3 with stand alone ECU with custom mapping set up on a rolling road and perfected on the road.   Developing 156 HP and 173 Lbft of torque. ..
VW T3 Engine Upgrade
Today we are doing an engine assessment on this VW T3 Auto-sleeper. It currently has a Mtdi fitted which we are going to give a refresh to: new cylinder heads / injector rebuild along with sorting out some wiring issues and fitting a full stainless steel will be all ready to go for the camping season :) ..
VW T3 California Import
Another Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia 14" High Top has come into the CoastVW workshop for a 1.9 TD engine upgrade, .....we are a bit jealous of the number plate! ..
VW T3 Engine Conversions & Replacements
All the boys happen to be busy working on engines today. Ross is fabricating a new engine loom for this Subaru engine conversion, Ash is repairing this 1.6 air-cooled engine as it had pulled 3 cylinder head studs and Pete is finishing of the installation of this 1.9 (customer supplied) diesel engine. ..
VW Subaru Engine Conversion
The engine bay has now been prepared and painted on this Volkswagen T3 2WD 'Syncro look' bus. It was fitted with a MtDi diesel and we are now fitting a 2.5ltr Subaru. Engine and gearbox have been mated together and are nearly ready for fitting   #vwenginereplacement #vwt3engineupgrade #coastvw ..
VW T3 Replacement Engine
At CoastVW we are fitting a 1.9 AAZ engine into this VW T3 Westfalia, it was an early petrol so we've had to install battery tray and engine bar mounting plates to rear valance. Next job is to fit the front to back stainless steel coolant pipes ..
Volkswagen Subaru Engine Conversion
This Subaru engine has just arrived, it is a low mileage EJ25 2.5 engine which will be going into a VW T3 Syncro. ..
Subaru Engine Conversion - wiring loom going in
Installing the wiring loom in this EJ25 Subaru engine conversion…should be ready for its first fire up in the next couple of days. ..
VW T3 Multivan - Engine Conversion
Another VW T3 has just come in for an engine replacement - currently a diesel and the owner has decided to go for petrol. In this instance we are converting it to a Subaru EJ25. ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
Just building up another Subaru EJ25 2.5ltr engine to go in the back of a Volkswagen T3 Syncro. #vwsubaruengineconversions ..
VW T3 Engine Upgrade
This 1.9 Turbo diesel is all ready to fit into VW T3 Campervan. It will be a huge improvement over the campers previous stock 1.6JX engine. We fit hybrid turbos and inter-coolers in order to deliver usable/reliable power. ..
VW T3 engine replacement
At the CoastVW workshop today we are removing this early 1.9 engine which has terminal water jacket gasket failure, new engine to be fitted in due course. ..
VW Baywindow Engine Build
Just finishing off building this 1600 air cooled motor for a Volkswagen Baywindow. Next job is to modify the support plate for the center mount twin choke carburetor and then it will be all ready to fit! ..
VW Baywindow Engine Replacement
We are removing the engine from this 1970 Volkswagen Baywindow. It has been running a 1776cc engine which is going to be replaced with a stock 1600cc......going back to its roots! New engine in the process of being built up. ..
Subaru Engine Rebuild Completed
This Subaru EJ25 engine is all built up and ready to fit in VW T3 Syncro. This engine has gone through our rebuild process and is looking good as new. ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
Out with the old and in with the new......Ross has been cracking on with stripping down the old Subaru EJ25 engine and building back up the new shiny version. Engine has had new main and big end ACL race bearings, new piston rings, heads rebuilt, all new gaskets etc so will be good as new and all ready to install back in the VW T3 Syncro camper….just a mere matter of finishing the body resto, getting the van repainted and completing the rebuild…..:) :) ???? ..
VW T3 JX Engine Conversion and rebuilt gearbox
Pete has just finished installing a fresh JX motor and gearbox into this VW T3 Syncro...nearly ready to return home to Jersey :) ..
VW T3 Working Doka - New VC
This yellow VW T3 'Working' Doka is in from Ireland. It had a had a very tight VC which we renewed, along with a full engine service (inc timing belt), fuel pump was water damaged internally so we changed that - and a host of other small running issues. ..
VW T3 Syncro -  Mtdi Engine Conversion
This 1.9 engine conversion is getting closer in this VW T3 Syncro (RHD), we are now just fitting the charge cooler pipework. ..
VW Syncro Mtdi engine conversion
This VW T25 14" Syncro is in with us having an Mtdi engine conversion - this image shows the coolant pipes being laid in ready for the new charge cooler system, featuring a Holset Turbo. ..
Coast VW Workshop - busy days!
The CoastVW workshop is busy as ever - this 14" VW Syncro is in from Jersey having a mechanical overhaul (engine and gearbox rebuild), the late Baywindow campervan has just been prepped ready for its topcoat, the 1966 Splitscreen just tucked around the corner has just had its metal work restoration completed and the in-house VW T25 Syncro panel van might one day get its full camper conversion. Busy times :) ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine and Camper Conversion
Another van has returned to its family....this VW T25 Campervan came to us for a Subaru engine conversion and a full camping interior installation. Our customer chose this lovely wooden interior from Vanwurks, along with a snazzy set of captain seats from Newton Commercial in a tan leather finish. The engine was converted to a 2L naturally aspirated water cooled engine (having previously been a 2L air cooled).                        ..
Volkswagen Syncro Caravelle Engine Service
Pete is busy doing an engine service and repairing an oil leak on this Volkswagen T25 Syncro Caravelle. ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversions
2ltr Subaru engine conversion on this 2WD Volkswagen T25 Campervan. It was air-cooled - and is now water cooled and we have just finished fabricating a custom exhaust for it.... ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Build Up
This VW T25 16" Syncro is currently being built up at Coast VW - with bumper/grills/wheels/truck mirrors....having already had a 2.5Ltr Subaru engine conversion fitted :) ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Just fitted up the MTDi engine with the Syncro gearbox. We have fitted a TDi input shaft and a solid TDi flywheel and complete clutch. Gearbox has also had a decoupler fitted, unit is read for installation into a VW T25 14" Syncro panel van. ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
We are part way through installing a 2.5 Subaru engine into this VW T25 16" Syncro, most of the coolant plumbing is complete, wiring loom is in place and we'll be fitting the new stainless steel exhaust this week. ..
VW Cabriolet Beetle - engine work
Had this lovely little cabriolet VW Beetle in the Coast VW workshop today. We changed the engine breathing system on its 1776cc engine, we did an oil change, we fabricated a heat shield for the oil filter pipes, we fitted new tubes onto the heat exchangers and finally we re-worked the fuel tank breather system. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Building up this 1.9Mtdi engine for our in house VW Syncro. Just prepped and painted the engine prior to the next stage of fitting up which includes a new Holset turbo, bigger injectors.....and lots of other fun stuff! ..
VW Splitty - improving the reliability!
The Coast VW team are currently fitting an electronic ignition into a vacuum advance distributor for improved reliability. We are also setting the carbs to get the engine running nicely..... ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro ..
VW Syncro - Fuel Contamination
This high top Volkswagen Syncro has suffered from water contaminating the the fuel which has led to a nasty bacterial growth in the fuel tank which has even damaged the engine. ..
VW T25 Syncro Exhaust and Suspension
The Coast VW team are currently setting up the coolant hoses for this 3ltr Subaru engine conversion - and fabricating the exhaust at the same time, hoping to get her fired up for the first time by the end of the week...second shot also shows the new Fox suspension set up.   ..
VW Splitscreen Engine Issues
This great looking Volkswagen splitty has been experiencing some engine issues so is in for some diagnosis tests and will hopefully be back on the road very soon... ..
1.9 Diesel Engine Conversion
Coast VW has just undertaken a 1.9 engine conversion and Pete is now fitting the snorkel back onto the airbox. The 1.9 diesel engine makes such a difference when driving a heavy Westfalia campervan. ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
This early Volkswagen T25 has come into the Coast VW workshop for a 2L water cooled Subaru engine to be fitted, and a new interior smile emoticon ..
1.9 Petrol engine for VW T25 Syncro
Petes busy in the Coast VW workshop building up this 1.9 petrol engine for the early VW T25 Westfalia Syncro ..
1.9 Reconditioned engine for VW T25 Syncro
Engine dropped out of this early VW T25 Westfalia Syncro in preparation for a reconditioned engine. ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine - For VW 16" Syncro
Pete's had a busy morning building this Subaru H6 3L engine ready for a VW T26 16" Campervan. It has had new timing belts/chains/tensioners/water pump fitted, and the cylinder heads changed. Busy busy :) ..
New 1.9DG Engine for VW T25 Syncro
Early 1.9DG engine has arrived ready for fitting in a VW T25 Westfalia Syncro with big end failure on its original engine ..
Subaru Engine Conversion Wiring
Ash has been in the engine bay all day getting the wiring loom ready for the 3L Subaru engine conversion in the VW T26 16" Syncro we are currently rebuilding ..
VW T25 - Fire in engine bay
Ouch, this VW T25 Campervan has just been transported down to us after its engine caught on fire. Luckily the interior got away relatively now just waiting for the verdict from the insurance company unsure emoticon ..
VW 1.9 TD Engine Conversion
This 1.9TD (intercooled) engine is now fitted into this VW Camper. Its looking really good and should improve its current top speed of 45mph!!!!  ..
Paperwork day!
Catching up with some paperwork, just a few jobs on the go at the moment!! ..
VW Golf Engine Conversion
We have been busy fitting a 1.6 turbo diesel into a MKI VW Golf we are using a VNT15 turbo on this one so it should go well  ..
VW T25 Engine Running Issues
Pete is working on this VW T25 Doka with a TDI electronic conversion: we are analysing the fault codes to help us diagnose the engine running issues. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - engine power upgrade
This lovely 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just come back from its first road test after hybrid turbo, Mtdi rover pump and intercooler fitment - what a transformation as now feels light and responsive to drive :) ..
VW T25 1.9TDi Engine Conversion
Newly built 1.9 turbo diesel engine ready for engine conversion in VW T25 'Horizon Classic' campervan. ..
VW T25 Engine Conversion
Swapping out this very sooty 1.6 JX engine for a nice new 1.9 turbo diesel ..
VW T25 Syncro - Body Resto & Subaru Engine Conversion
Looking rather nice! We recently fitted a Subaru engine in this South African VW T25 Syncro, which is wearing its new coat of the original factory red colour after its full body restoration. We specialise in quality restorations of VW T25 Syncros and 2WD VW Transporters. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - H6 Subaru Engine Conversion
We have had a first fit for this H6 3.0ltr flat 6 Subaru engine, which is going into a 16” VW T25 Syncro. Top left shows the ECU and electrical items main board for Subaru engine conversion, components are mounted to our newly developed board and then a strong cover attached, the diagnostic port is then accessible from the outside. Top right shows ECU box  with the diagnostic port on the top right for this VW T25 Subaru engine conversion. ..
VW T25 Motorhome with rare coachbuilt body
This very rare VW T25 British built 'Horizon Classic' with Foster & Day coach-built body has come into the Coast VW workshop for a 1.9 turbo diesel engine (fitted with inter-cooler) to be fitted. The main aim being to try and better its current 'top speed' of 35mph. Owners is planning an extended trip around Europe once new engine is in. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro High Top
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro with a factory high top has been shipped to us from Ireland. It is in the Coast VW workshop for some mechanical work. Oh and owner has also just decided to have a 2.5 Subaru engine fitted whilst its with us...... ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Westfalia Servicing
This VW T25 14" Syncro has returned to the Coast VW workshop again from Norfolk for its annual service, we fitted an Mtdi engine to it back in 2010. Its a two man job this week as Pete is doing the mechanicals whilst Ashley fabricates another set of our unique rock sliders smile emoticon ..
Postcard from Slovenia
We love hearing from our customers when they are of on an expedition....this VW 16" Syncro High Top Westy 1.9TD is currently touring Slovenia - but previous trips have been heading to the Artic Circle and Morocco......enjoying its more powerful engine ..
VW MKI Golf Engine
Coast VW are currently putting together this MTDi engine using a rover pump VNT15 turbo with a flipped vein controller all ready to go in a Volkswagen MKII Golf Diesel. ..
VW 16" Syncro Body Resto/Subaru Engine Conversion
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro has been imported from Italy, direct to us for its full body restoration and Subaru engine conversion. Vehicle has been stripped down and body panel repairs have commenced, starting with a new front lower panel, small side panel repair and lots of shot blasting! ..
VW T25 16" Camper Restoration
The Coast VW Team has started stripping out this 16" Syncro camper which was shipped in from Italy for a full body restoration and an engine conversion to a Subaru H6!  ..
VW Baywindow headling etc all finished
This lovely Volkswagen Baywindow had some bodywork done, a new engine and gearbox and we even fabricated our own 'Westfalia Stylee' headlining in a mahogany stain....oh and check out the on-board record player! :)  ..
Swiss VW T25 with engine problems
It was nice to meet this Swiss VW T25 yesterday which was experiencing engine problems whilst touring the UK... really lovely owners and hopefully it will be running smoothly for the rest of their travels :) ..
The Wrong Anti Freeze!
This VW T25 Westfalia Camper suffered and over heating issue on the motorway. The coolant mixed in with the oil which we traced back to broken head studs which was caused by using the wrong anti freeze!!! This is what we drained out of the engine sump.....which is basically lots of oil and water mixed together. The cure - unfortunately its going to need a new engine as this one's trashed! ..
VW T25 Campervan Engine work
Just transported down to the Coast VW workshop today is this VW T25 Campervan which needs a new engine, cooling system and exhaust..... ..
A selection of our current work -
Just a few of the VW vans we have in this week…. Top left – this VW T25 14” Syncro has come to us to be renovated prior to going up for sale Top right – this VW T25 has come to us from Derby for a bodywork renovation Bottom left – this VW T25 14” Syncro is just having an electronic power steering rack fitted as its last job before collection Bottom right – this VW 14” Syncro is in with us for a 2.5ltr Subaru engine conversion prior to a bodywork restoration ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Doka - running issue
This yellow double cap VW Syncro is in with a running issue with its MV engine, it is also having a service, MOT, new brake callipers - as its an everyday work truck its needed back home tomorrow. ..
Powder Coated bumpers / trailing arms / protection plates
All the newly powder coated items are back and ready to be fitted to this orange VW T25 Syncro Doka.....bumpers / trailing arms / engine bash plates ..
VW Baywindow Camper - new breather system
Pete's busy today fitting a new breather system to this VW baywindow campervan with a 1776 job on the list is to fit a fire prevention system to the engine bay.....more info to follow in the week ..
Bit of a colour scheme taking place -
We like a colour co-ordinated workshop at Coast VW and it looks like today we will mainly be working on red Volkswagens....   ..
1983 VW Mark II Golf GL
So even though the workshop is stacked out and there is not a drop of space in any of our barns at home this little beauty was too good an opportunity to miss out on....a 'rare' 1983 VW MKII Golf 1.6 GL - naturally aspirated - will be a fun project over the coming months. Because you can never have too many VW's!!! ..
Subaru Engine Conversion
Subaru engine conversion nearly complete in this 14" Volkswagen Syncro – we will be uploading a You Tube video next week, watch this space :)  ..
Visitors Bearing Donuts ALWAYS Welcome!!
Nice to put a face to a name when James from VW Heritage popped in this avo....and the donuts were much appreciated - Ross you missed out!!! ..
Enhancing the performance on VW T5 Kombi
Have just fitted this chip to our VW T5 Kombi van (2ltr 130BHP) as we weren't quite getting the performance we wanted......currently under evaluation so will upload a short film in due course to show you the before and after...but so far so good :) ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - undergoing a Subaru Engine Conversion
Subaru engine conversion wiring loom now built and ready to install in the VW Syncro - this huge pile of wire is what's left.  ..
VW T25 Subaru Engine Conversion
This VW T25 Syncro is in at the Coast VW for a Subaru 2.5 ltr engine conversion. Gearbox has been cleaned and diff lock unseized and repaired, RJES bell housing fitted, gearbox offered up to the engine then engine and gearbox as a unit is trial fitted up into vehicle, cooling system is then plumbed in – next job will be to build the loom from this pile of spaghetti :)  ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Westfalia
This beauty of a Syncro (16” T25 Westfalia) has been a frequent visitor of the Coast VW workshop for the past few years – in with us this time due to a drop in the oil pressure which was traced back to be a faulty pump, a new pump was fitted – along with a new gasket to the sump we also fitted an oil cooler so all these things should help keep the oil temps down and the pressure up...can we also point out workshop floors all shiny and blue once more!!! ..
Volkswagen T25 High Top Camper for Restoration
These photo's show the repairs we have been undertaken to the front end of a VW T25 Camper that came into us a few weeks ago with historic front end accident damage which had been previously repaired but had corroded through in many areas necessitating the removal of the complete outer skin on the pillar. We sourced a good 'complete A-pillar' from Mick at NVVW as we had no suitable body cuts ourselves. Ash carefully unpicked the outer skin from this donor pillar and then grafted the skin back onto the van. Resulting in no more corrosion.       ..
Its almost too late to say this...BUT...wishing you all a Happy New Year. We all enjoyed the long break and normal services have now resumed :) ..
VW 1.6JX  Engine Replacement
This Volkswagen T25 has come to us for a replacement 1.6 JX engine. The owner opted to swap out for a good usable replacement, we often have stock of used engines.... ..
Volkswagen Syncro Engine Service
This 14" Volkswagen Syncro is back at the Coast VW workshop for its annual service and a few small repairs....tank straps need replacing, as do the steering rack gaiters and headlamps (reflective coating has corroded) and also an engine service before being collected on Wednesday. ..
VW Baywindow Bodywork
Just in at Coast VW this week is this 1971 VW Early Baywindow - which as you can see needs a fair bit of metal work and TLC. Not quite what you may expect though given that the owner has already paid to have it restored....but as the saying goes "Buy Cheap, Pay Twice" - although to be fair the owners never sought out a 'cheap' job, but sadly for them that is exactly what they got :( ..