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VW T3 Factory window frames installation
This Volkswagen T3 16" Syncro panel van has just finished having factory side window frames in place - great job Ash & Paul :)   #coastvw #vwt3specialists ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
This Volkswagen T25 14" Syncro is at the CoastVW workshop having a twin cam Ej25 Subaru engine conversion which is in the process of being fitted in its freshly painted engine bay.   #coastvw #vwt25engineconversion ..
VW T25 Westfalia Conversion
This 14" Volkswagen T25 Syncro came into us for a full Westfalia conversion. So we have cut the roof to accommodate the new pop top roof and the interior installation is going in nicely.   #coastvw ..
VW T3 14" Syncro Service
This lovely VW T3 14" Syncro is in for its annual MOT & service prior to heading off on its trip around Europe. ..
VW T3 Syncro Work Truck
We love seeing these VW T3 Syncro being used for everyday work life. This one is used for gardening couldn't wish for a more practical and versatile work truck :) ..
16" VW T3 Syncro Camper for Sale
Just in is one of our old favourite Syncro's… up for sale with the spec sheet being typed up in the next few days. If you've always wanted a 16" Syncro act quick as it wont be around for long...….all enquiries to   ..
VW T3 Syncro Services
Ash wishing he was a little bit taller...….this gorgeous VW T3 Syncro is back with us for a few little jobs and looking radiant in todays sunshine   #coastvw #customerservice ..
New wheels for this VW T3 Syncro
New wheels have just been fitted to this Volkswagen T25 14" Syncro, 16" mefro's rims with BFG AT tyres, looking nice and chunky :)   #coastvw #vwt3syncro ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion - EJ25
We have just finished another Subaru engine conversion in this 2WD Volkswagen T25 using a 160HP EJ25 2.5ltr flat 4 - the best petrol engine there is for the VW T3 Transporters.   #coastvw #subaruengineconversion ..
VW T25 Brake Disc Conversion
This VW T25 2WD has just had a rear disc conversion fitted in the CoastVW workshop   #coastvw #vwt25brakeupgrade #vwt25brakediscconversion ..
VW T3 Snowy Syncro
The snow seems to have passed, fun whilst it lasted but the workshop was a bit on the chilly side......welcome back rain, Happy Monday!   #vwt3inthesnow #vwt3snowysyncro ..
Subaru Engine Conversion
Just finished fitting this Subaru EJ25 2.5 ltr engine into a South African Syncro. These Subaru engines are such a good fit in a T3 and brilliant to drive, quiet, smooth and powerful. If you are thinking of an engine conversion in your Volkswagen campervan then we recommend this engine as being the best petrol engine conversion in a VW T3. ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Engine Replacement
This 1976 Volkswagen Baywindow engine has come out, to be replaced with a1.8 reconditioned unit, along with some MOT work. #coastvw #vwbaywindowservicing #vwbaywindowenginereplacement ..
VW T3 Engine Bay Metal Repairs
This VW T3 Syncro engine bay is undergoing some metal work repairs. On the Syncro variants mud collects between the fuel pipe between and the chassis which eventually corrodes the bottom of the engine bay panel. ..
Happy Friday!
Happy Friday peeps! We plan on lighting the fire, putting some tunes on and polish off this lovely bottle of red. Stay warm over the weekend, send us some Syncro snow shots... ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Body Restoration
Metal work is all complete now on this VW T3 16" Syncro. All repaired areas are now in epoxy primer ready for the next stage of its transformation. It will be heading off to paint shortly with its super straight body shell :) ..
Another Subaru engine conversion....
We are busy preparing this VW T3 14" Doka engine bay ready for a 2.5 Subaru engine conversion. ..
We are super pleased with our back-cover ad on this months Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine which has just arrived in the post. We have worked on this customers van for over 5 years and in that time we have undertaken a full metal work restoration, an engine conversion and various other bespoke works. Photo credits go to him and his friend for allowing us to use this great image for our marketing…….beers in the post guys ???? ..
VW T3 Roof Restoration
This VW T3 14" Syncro has come into the CoastVW workshop for a light body restoration. Unfortunately when we removed the high top it revealed a rather severe corrosion issue underneath. The corrosion has pretty much eaten through both sides of the gutter. We are now going to source a replacement donor roof. Fortunately the rest of the van is in great condition. ..
VW T3 Restoration and Repaint
Fresh back from paint is this Volkswagen T3 caravelle which has just been repainted in a soft yellow having had a metalwork restoration with us. ..
VW T3 Off Grid Power Shower
We can't wait to fit this pressurised campervan shower which one our customers has just bought for their own van.....   What they say about it: "It will heat the water while you drive and can be ready to give you a high pressure hot shower. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses: from the camp hose for dishes, a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, a gentle spray for the pets, or for extra drinking water. There are no electrical parts to connect or propane to hook up. It is almost maintenance free and should last you many years. The water is there when you need it"..
VW T3 Auto Gearbox Oil Leak
This VW T3 has just come into us from Cheltenham with an oil leak from its auto gearbox - having already been to various other garages. We've now diagnosed the issue and it will be back on the road in a couple of pays to use a specialist :) ..
Customer Review
More kind words from a trusted CoastVW customer who has been using our services for many years :) ..
Australian Import
Our customer purchased this VW Baywindow whilst travelling in Australia, they transported it back to the UK and it has been in storage for many years.....we need to re-commission it mechanically all ready for the summer season. ..
VW T3 Engine Upgrade
Today we are doing an engine assessment on this VW T3 Auto-sleeper. It currently has a Mtdi fitted which we are going to give a refresh to: new cylinder heads / injector rebuild along with sorting out some wiring issues and fitting a full stainless steel will be all ready to go for the camping season :) ..
VW T3 - New roof canvas
Another week and another roof canvas.... this time we are fitting a new one to a Volkswagen T3 Westfalia. We've opted to replace with an original style one from Germany - should be slightly more waterproof then the old one! ..
VW T3 Fibre Optic Interior Lights
This VW T25 Syncro has had fibre optic lights fitted into its new blue headlining.....this photo doesn't do it justice so will post a video once rebuild is more complete. ..
VW T3 California Import
Another Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia 14" High Top has come into the CoastVW workshop for a 1.9 TD engine upgrade, .....we are a bit jealous of the number plate! ..
VW T3 Restoration
Nathan has been busy replacing the rear wheel arch on this Volkswagen T3 16" Syncro. ..
VW Splitty Engine Work
We finished the body restoration on this Volkswagen Splitscreen earlier in the year and it is now back with us for some engine work and leisure battery install. ..
CoastVW Customer Review
The team at CoastVW love receiving a good review, makes the madness worthwhile. Thanks Mark for taking the time to write this :) ..
VW T3 16" Syncro Restoration
We have made a bit of progress on the latest VW T3 Syncro restoration that is in: 1. Bottom of b-pillar has been cut back to expose the inner frame which shows light surface corrosion but no rot 2. Front A-pillar  on nearside had some accident damage which was rather crudely panel will be fitted here 3. Short sill panel has been removed to expose the inner frame which is often corroded away but this one looks good 4. Mid panel has had a lot of filler applied over large dent which will pull out to straighten the panel   ..
VW T3 Syncro - Interior Trimming
Jon and Ash have got a days drive ahead of them taking this Volkswagen T3 Syncro up to Bromsgrove for its interior trimming. This project is nearer the end now and is looking fabulous.       ..
VW T3 MOT Welding
This Volkswagen T3 LLE comes into us every year for service and MOT. Today Pete has been removing the front upper/outer wheel arch skin which has rusted through into the prescribed seat belt mounting area – so just cutting it all out to make a good repair for MOT. ..
Subaru Engine Conversion - wiring loom going in
Installing the wiring loom in this EJ25 Subaru engine conversion…should be ready for its first fire up in the next couple of days. ..
Volkswagen T25 Syncro has a new home
This lovely Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just been sold and is now on its way back to Ireland with its new owner. Before it left we gave it some TLC: full service, MOT, full valet, de-coupler fitting and a Rocky Mountain rear wheel carrier. ..
VW T3 Terrawagen Wheel Flare Kit
Great attention to detail in the CoastVW workshop fitting these Terrawagen wheel arches. We seal the edge of the arch to the panel to stop any water or dirt packing in and rusting the wheel arch out. Results look fantastic! Beside from looking cool these wheel arch flare kits also prevent stone chips on the inner arches. ..
VW T3 Roof Repairs
Ouch!......Not want you want to find underneath your VW T3 Auto Sleeper high top roof. Water has gotten under the skin and has corroded all 4 corners. We also had to remove a previous repair section which had been riveted on (??) causing water to sit on top of the corroded area....CoastVW to the rescue ;) ..
Overland trip to Iceland
Some more holiday snaps of another CoastVW customer on a recent overland trip to Iceland - great to see one of our Syncro conversions in its natural environment :)   :)       ..
VW T3 Resto / Rebuild
And so the rebuild continues......our customer has some chosen custom LED rear light pods for the rear from our friends in the Landrover world. ..
VW T3 Service, pre road trip
@CoastVW we have just completed some service work on this VW T3 prior to its journey to Sweden for an extended road trip. ..
Volkswagen T3 Syncro Body Repairs
Its been a hot couple of days in the CoastVW workshop, but the guys have carried on working hard..... Ross was busy yesterday (on the hottest day in the UK since 1976!!) repairing the B-pillar on this Volkswagen T25 Syncro. ..
1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - fresh paint
Back from paint and looking magnificent is this 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - now let the rebuild commence! :) ..
VW Baywindow For Sale
1976 Volkswagen Bay Window Campervan – Right Hand Drive Selling on behalf of a customer is this two berth campervan. It is a solid example with the previous owners having invested a lot of money in her over the past couple of years to get her mechanically sound. Right hand drive and tin top (a desirable feature as there are so few around anymore). It has a full width rock’n’roll bed and all the seats have been upholstered. It seats six passengers with three point harness belts. It also has a leisure battery system fitted.  Twin sliding doors. Comes with Fiamma bike rack. A lot..
Happy CoastVW Customers
What a busy old week its been at CoastVW HQ this week! Lovely homemade cookies by another satisfied customer went down rather nicely :) :) :) ..
VW T3 Restoration Complete
Final pictures of a Volkswagen T25 restoration which went out on Wednesday, the owners were thrilled to be reunited with Katy! ..
VW T3 Syncro Servicing
This Volkswagen T3 is in at the CoastVW workshop for new tank straps, fuel lines, clutch and various other MOT items :) ..
VW T3 Subaru Engine Conversion
Out with the old and in with the new......Ross has been cracking on with stripping down the old Subaru EJ25 engine and building back up the new shiny version. Engine has had new main and big end ACL race bearings, new piston rings, heads rebuilt, all new gaskets etc so will be good as new and all ready to install back in the VW T3 Syncro camper….just a mere matter of finishing the body resto, getting the van repainted and completing the rebuild…..:) :) ???? ..
VW T3 Camper Vinyls
This VW T3 Camper came back from paint last week and Ash has worked closely with Steve…to recreate the original Kamper vinyls as we couldn't find any for sale that exactly matched the ones on this Japanese import camper. ..
VW T3 Syncro Doka - Roof Tent
This custom built frame is now back from the powder coaters and all fitted to this VW T3 Syncro Doka. With the James Baroud roof tent all fitted this truck is nearly ready for its expedition.   ..
VW T3 Campervan Restoration
The CoastVW workshop is bursting its seams as yet another VW T3 Campervan comes back from the paint shop. This Volkswagen Camper came to us for a light body resto and a bit of work on the roof. Now being fitted back up with all new seals. ..
VW T3 Syncro Doka - Expedition Roof Tent Fitting
This VW T3 Syncro Doka has come to us to have a custom frame fabricated to support this very large expedition roof tent, along with front and rear Hannibal awnings. Frame all made up and now off to the powder coaters. ..
VW T3 Syncro Road Trip
There is nothing like positive customer feedback to put a smile on your face-   'After Picking up the Syncro from the team at Coast I was very impressed with not only the service but the professional attitude of the guys in the workshop. Very customer focused and they ran through everything that had been done and replaced. We have just got back from a 15 day trouble free 4800km round trip to Norway and Sweden. Syncro went well which is down to Coast picking up the issues it had and sorting them out'   Thanks CoastVW - David, Kirsty ..
VW T3 JX Engine Conversion and rebuilt gearbox
Pete has just finished installing a fresh JX motor and gearbox into this VW T3 Syncro...nearly ready to return home to Jersey :) ..
VW T3 Syncro - annual service and MOT
An old family favorite is back in the shop......this South African VW T3 belonged to us many years ago, before selling to a customer in London who then came back to us in 2015 for a full body restoration. Its back in this week for MOT and its annual service......looking resplendent! ..
VW T25 Winch Fitting
This VW T25 LLE in its final stages of post resto build up. Ash busy fitting the winch today, wiring all in place. ..
Custom Build Exhaust
Clever Ash has just fabricated a lovely free-flowing customised stainless steel side exit exhaust for this Volkswagen T25 16" Doka with a 2.3 5-cylinder Audi engine - sounds fantastic!! ..
VW T25 2WD Suspension Upgrade
Love these great photos our customer sent in....   This Spanish Volkswagen T25 'Kamper' conversion came to us for a suspension lift kit, 15" mefro wheels and BFG tyres. What sets our 2WD conversions apart is the use of a peloquin torque biasing differential to give some genuine 'off-tarmac' capabilty which is great for where it lives in the mountains of Spain :)   ..
VW T5 Pop Top Roof
Hilo Roof all fitted to this VW T5 Kombi Van. This roof is great as visually from the outside the roof line has not risen at all, and customer also opted for zip out panoramic front canvas for star gazing on those warm & clear nights......mind you, he does live in New Zealand! ..
VW T25 Syncro front wheel bearing rebuild
Rebuilding this front wheel bearing on VW T25 Syncro which we picked up on its pre MOT test. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Just fitted up the MTDi engine with the Syncro gearbox. We have fitted a TDi input shaft and a solid TDi flywheel and complete clutch. Gearbox has also had a decoupler fitted, unit is read for installation into a VW T25 14" Syncro panel van. ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
New front panel on this VW Splitscreen - 1965 - is now fully in place and looking lovely. This camper has had to have a complete new front end fitted due to accident damage. ..
New Turbo for this VW T25 Syncro
This VW T25 Syncro campervan has an MTDi conversion and it's turbo recently failed so we have installed a new turbo, a new intermediate pipe and given its inter-cooler system and good cleaning out! ..
VW T25 Syncro Work Truck
There aren't many work trucks you can load 6 engines and 2 gearboxes in, and an engine lift!  #vwsyncroworktruck ..
VW T25 Syncro Disc Brake Conversion
This VW Syncro is having a rear disc conversion to improve its braking performance. Next job being to reinforce the roof assist struts and fit a Westfalia top locker. ..
VW T25 16" Restoration / Rebuild
Rebuild nearly there on this VW T25 16" Syncro. These 16" Mefro wheels have been powder coated in silver finish and had BFG AT tyres fitted, We finally managed to source this LHD middle sliding window which is shown having its seal fitted, and final picture is fitting of the front grill.     ..
VW Cabriolet Beetle - engine work
Had this lovely little cabriolet VW Beetle in the Coast VW workshop today. We changed the engine breathing system on its 1776cc engine, we did an oil change, we fabricated a heat shield for the oil filter pipes, we fitted new tubes onto the heat exchangers and finally we re-worked the fuel tank breather system. ..
VW T25 Syncro Mtdi Engine Conversion
Building up this 1.9Mtdi engine for our in house VW Syncro. Just prepped and painted the engine prior to the next stage of fitting up which includes a new Holset turbo, bigger injectors.....and lots of other fun stuff! ..
VW Splitty - improving the reliability!
The Coast VW team are currently fitting an electronic ignition into a vacuum advance distributor for improved reliability. We are also setting the carbs to get the engine running nicely..... ..
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro
Subaru H6 3L Engine Conversion for Volkswagen T25 Syncro ..
VW Syncro - Fuel Contamination
This high top Volkswagen Syncro has suffered from water contaminating the the fuel which has led to a nasty bacterial growth in the fuel tank which has even damaged the engine. ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - Expedition Camper
A firm favourite of the Coast VW team......this VW T25 14" Synco has just been collected and is about to depart its Spring vacation. A great expedition truck! ..
VW T25 Syncro Exhaust and Suspension
The Coast VW team are currently setting up the coolant hoses for this 3ltr Subaru engine conversion - and fabricating the exhaust at the same time, hoping to get her fired up for the first time by the end of the week...second shot also shows the new Fox suspension set up.   ..
1.9 Petrol engine for VW T25 Syncro
Petes busy in the Coast VW workshop building up this 1.9 petrol engine for the early VW T25 Westfalia Syncro ..
1.9 Reconditioned engine for VW T25 Syncro
Engine dropped out of this early VW T25 Westfalia Syncro in preparation for a reconditioned engine. ..
VW T25 MOT & Servicing
This VW T25 Syncro has been in at the CoastVW workshop for its annual service and MOT. ..
VW T5 or T6 Seikel Lift Kit
CoastVW are proud to offer you the Seikel suspension lift kit for your T5, T6 (2WD or 4Motion), ideal for overland use with your Volkswagen Camper Van...... ..
VW T25 Campervan Interior Trimming
Jon and Ash are up in Birmingham today dropping off this Volkswagen T25 16" Campervan to Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers who are trimming out the inside before it comes back to us for the final fit of its camping interior. ..
Getting off the beaten track with your 2WD Volkswagen Camper.......
Getting off the beaten track with your 2WD Volkswagen Camper....... CLICK HERE   ..
VW T25 LLE Full Body Restoration
Metal work going well on the full body restoration of this VW T25 LLE. Pictures show rear panel, inner sill and front lower panel which have all been stitched in. ..
Volkswagen T25 Campervan Bodywork Quote
This local van popped into the CoastVW workshop for a bodywork quote as the owner has grand plans for making it earn her a tidy little retirement income.....#vwcampervanpensionplan ..
VW T25 Pop Top Roof Conversion
Pop top roof conversion all fitted on this VW T25 16" Syncro. We opted for one from Space Roofs.  ..
VW T2 Baywindow - Soon to be for sale
Look who's back in town! The family who bought Macy, our 1971 Baywindow from us in 2014 have returned her so we can get her ready for sale again......still looking as lovely as ever and will be snapped up in no time!! ..
VW Splitscreen - Full Body Restoration
Another VW camper has arrived and awaits its full body restoration. This 1965 VW Splitscreen window bus was purchased from the states several years ago, it has an original wooden Devon interior fitted. The current owners have decided to put their pride and joy back on the road and it will be wheeled into dirty corner in the next week or two hopefully.......where the metal work will commence! ..
VW T25 Campervan Pop Top - Roof bars
Here we are fitting some Campervan Culture roof bars and strengthening plates, this campervan is also going to have a roof lift assist kit fitted ..
New 1.9DG Engine for VW T25 Syncro
Early 1.9DG engine has arrived ready for fitting in a VW T25 Westfalia Syncro with big end failure on its original engine ..
VW Westfalia Campervan - Fox Lift Kit
This VW T25 Westfalia Campervan has just had a Fox lift kit fitted and is soon to have a new set of 15" alloys with BFG tyres, also it has just had a full under wax ..
VW T25 Campervan Interior
Ash and Jon are busy trial fitting the campervan interior into this VW T25 16" Syncro Campervan, we are liking the quality of these units. ..
15" Steel Mefros for VW T25
Fresh from the powder coaters - full set of 15" black mefros fitted with BFG tyres :) ..
VW T25 SA Syncro - Service & MOT
Another of our favourite trucks is back in the Coast VW workshop, a year after it's full body restoration.....popped down from London for a MOT, service and a full set of tyres smile emoticon ..
VW T25 Syncro Westfalia - Interior Trim Panels
Two green VW T25 of which has just popped in (from Leeds) to have some original VW Westfalia interior trim panels fitted - needless to say that as they were designed for the flat roof Westfalias it has taken a lot more 'modifying' then anticipated :) ..
Subaru Engine Conversion Wiring
Ash has been in the engine bay all day getting the wiring loom ready for the 3L Subaru engine conversion in the VW T26 16" Syncro we are currently rebuilding ..
VW T25 2WD Campervan - getting some Syncro Stylin'
This 2WD VW T25 campervan is in at Coast VW for a couple of weeks to be transformed……it will be having a trick peloquin differential fitted, which along with its 2” lift, 15” wheels and a full set of BFG AT tyres it will look more chunky with a ‘Syncro style’ look. ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Rebuild - Electric Window Installation
The rebuild on this VW T25 16” Syncro is progressing well…’factory’ central locking wiring loom has been installed, and we will also be installing electric mirrors, electric windows and heated seats using factory kit as much as possible and fabrication the rest. ..
VW T25 - Fire in engine bay
Ouch, this VW T25 Campervan has just been transported down to us after its engine caught on fire. Luckily the interior got away relatively now just waiting for the verdict from the insurance company unsure emoticon ..
VW T25 Campervan with rusty front panels
This VW T25 is in at CoastVW for both upper and lower complete front panels, which were then prep’d, sealed and just back from the painters…now fitting a new dash as the old one was a rusty mess. ..
VW T25 Corrosion Repairs
And all that corrosion now repaired and good as new. ‪#‎vwrestorations‬‪#‎vwbodywork‬ ‪#‎coastvw‬ ..
VW T25 16" Syncro Restoration
Fresh from the paintshop is this VW T25 16" Syncro having had bodywork repairs completed in the Coast VW workshop. And so the rebuild begins..... ..
VW 1.9 TD Engine Conversion
This 1.9TD (intercooled) engine is now fitted into this VW Camper. Its looking really good and should improve its current top speed of 45mph!!!!  ..
VW T25 Syncro Campervan - Underwax treatment
This 16" Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just been under waxed ready for the winter. The underside is first cleaned with wire brush and air line before the bungs are removed and cavities filled with Dynax S50 cavity wax. The underside is then treated with Dynax Anti Corrosion under body wax. Both products available in our webshop.... ..