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VW T3 Weld Repairs
Ash is trying not to set fire on himself whilst welding in chassis reinforcing plates for this VW T3 Syncro with 3.3ltr Subaru conversion.   #vwsyncro #vwt3syncro #welding ..
VW T3 Rear Panel has been fabricated
Nathan has been busy fabricating this new rear panel for a VW T3 Syncro after we couldn't get anything to remotely fit.......might start a production line!!! ..
VW T3 Campervan Restoration
The CoastVW workshop is bursting its seams as yet another VW T3 Campervan comes back from the paint shop. This Volkswagen Camper came to us for a light body resto and a bit of work on the roof. Now being fitted back up with all new seals. ..
VW T25 Bodywork
Body on this Volkswagen T25 Camper has been prepped and seam sealed after its various corrosion work - now ready to go into primer. ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Restoration
Body restoration complete on this VW Baywindow Campervan - now for its topcoat in VW Dove grey. ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
New front panel on this VW Splitscreen - 1965 - is now fully in place and looking lovely. This camper has had to have a complete new front end fitted due to accident damage. ..
Coast VW are recruiting....
Join our busy workshop...... ..
Volkswagen T25 Campervan Bodywork Quote
This local van popped into the CoastVW workshop for a bodywork quote as the owner has grand plans for making it earn her a tidy little retirement income.....#vwcampervanpensionplan ..
VW T25 Corrosion Repairs
And all that corrosion now repaired and good as new. ‪#‎vwrestorations‬‪#‎vwbodywork‬ ‪#‎coastvw‬ ..
VW T25 High Top Komet - Restoration Complete
So the restoration of this Volkswagen T25 High Top Komet is all completed, and it was collected by its happy owner on Thursday 16th April (he didnt even recognise it was his van upon arrival at the Coast VW workshop). The very next day he set of camping with his two dogs for the weekend....happy days! :) ..
Bit of a colour scheme taking place -
We like a colour co-ordinated workshop at Coast VW and it looks like today we will mainly be working on red Volkswagens....   ..
Lovin' our new workshop signs
So back in the Summer we built a new clean room area for our we also put a couple of new signs up around the workshop.......and after our Christmas 'Spring Clean' and some chunky investment the workshop gets better each year...feeling proud :)  ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Body Resto
Mmmm, not what you want your rear valance to look like! New panel fully zinc primed prior to fitting…(we do this with every panel we fit wink emoticon ) - the VW T25 South African 14" Syncro restoration is going well...... ..
Quality Restorations
Here we have a photo of Ash undertaking some metal work today on a VW T25 14" Syncro. The photo demonstrates what we are about at Coast VW....a qualified technician undertaking a professional job with all safety equipment being worn.....this dedicated approach ensures your van is in good hands when at the Coast VW workshop. ..
Volkswagen T25 High Top Camper for Restoration
One in one out……the next body restoration has arrived – this Volkswagen T25 High Top Komet Campervan has come to us for some bodywork and full repaint. Overall its not it too bad condition but needs a complete A-pillar repair having had previous accident damage and now is badly corroded. You can follow this VW restoration on our blog and social platforms over the coming months to see how it progresses. ..
Latest Project - VW T25 16" Syncro Doka
Just in at the Coast VW workshop– via Mike Plompmen – is this Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro Doka. The current owner lives in France and has had his truck brought to us midway through a restoration elsewhere, arrived on a low-loader and has a bucket load of loose parts in the back / cab / storage areas so quite a bit of sorting out before we can even start work – but all in a worthy cause as the owner has got some great adventures planned for its future! (Sorry for bad photo but we put it straight in storage as the weather was so wet!)  ..
VW T25 Syncro Mechanicals
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is this VW T25 14" Syncro which has come to us for a mechanical survey and some possible bodywork. The owner has just bought it and his first priority is to get the 4WD working #vwsyncrovc #ceasedvc #vwsyncro #coastvw ..
VW T25 Windscreen Rust
The Coast VW team have currently got a lot of bodywork jobs on the go, in this photo you can see the VW T25 windscreen surround has corroded around the washer jet, now all primed and repaired... If you have got wet carpet in your footwell this is the likely cause! ..