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VW T3 Westfalia Restoration
This VW T3 Westfalia came into the CoastVW workshop for a full body restoration. These photos show where the lower middle side panel had corroded on the floor/sill seam which meant outer sill, floor and lower mid panel had to be replaced, all interior frame work is correctly repaired before the outer panels are replaced, we aim for it to last!   #coastvw ..
VW T3 Under Body Protection Waxing
At the CoastVW workshop we have been busy waxing the underside of this VW T3 Syncro. We use an amazing product from Bilt Hambler Laboratories which is the business and lasts for up to 5 years (except in high wear areas). We thoroughly recommend protecting your investment with this specialist application. ..
VW T3 Rear Panel has been fabricated
Nathan has been busy fabricating this new rear panel for a VW T3 Syncro after we couldn't get anything to remotely fit.......might start a production line!!! ..
Love this picture from the archives of Jon and Ash after one of our early restorations - think this one was for a Volksworld Editorial. ..
VW T3 Caravelle Restoration
James has had a busy week finishing of the rear lower panel on this Volkswagen T3 off to paint she goes :) ..
1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - fresh paint
Back from paint and looking magnificent is this 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen - now let the rebuild commence! :) ..
VW T3 LLE Restoration Complete
A few more snaps of the Volkswagen T3 LLE that we finished last week. We have known this customer for many years, he is one of our favorites ;)The van entered our workshop as a slammed multivan and leaves as a 'Syncro style 2WD' with peloquin diff, AT tyres, truck mirrors, wheel arch flares and winch we reckon Mike and his boys will soon be getting up to some wild camping fun. Proper photo shoot and perhaps even some video footage on its next return to us......nobody wanted to get it muddy yet :) Well done team CoastVW, the boys did good ;)   ..
Coast VW Volkswagen Restorations
On Friday afternoon the workshop was host to a reunion of CoastVW restorations. The blue LLE having its final polish having just been built back up, the red South African van was back in for its annual service (full resto with us early 2015) and the green Westfalia back with us for a Mtdi engine conversion (resto was late 2015) #vwrestorations #vwt3services #coastvw #feelingproud ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Restoration
Body restoration complete on this VW Baywindow Campervan - now for its topcoat in VW Dove grey. ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
Ash is just finishing the metal repairs on these 1966 Volkswagen Splitscreen cab doors at Coast VW workshop today #volkswagenrestorations ..
VW Splitscreen Restoration
New front panel on this VW Splitscreen - 1965 - is now fully in place and looking lovely. This camper has had to have a complete new front end fitted due to accident damage. ..
VW Splitscreen Floor Repairs
James is busy cutting out the floor from this 1965 Volkswagen Splitscreen which is in the midst of its full body restoration with us..... Chassis and top hats are in remarkably good condition but the inner sills need replacing completely on both sides. ..
VW Splitscreen Front Panel Repairs
Front of the VW Splitscreen is removed and a new wolfsberg west front panel and screen pillars are ready to fit, just have to sort out all of the inner parts first. ..
Rusty Outriggers on this VW T25 LLE
After extensive work on the internal lower A pillars on this VW T25 LLE we have now just finished stitching these outriggers back together. ..
VW T25 LLE Full Body Restoration
Metal work going well on the full body restoration of this VW T25 LLE. Pictures show rear panel, inner sill and front lower panel which have all been stitched in. ..
VW T25 Corrosion Repairs
And all that corrosion now repaired and good as new. ‪#‎vwrestorations‬‪#‎vwbodywork‬ ‪#‎coastvw‬ ..
VW Syncro enjoying the French Alps
So you my remember that the Coast VW team recently completed a restoration 'big brown' just before Christmas...well the new owners have gone off to the French Alps for the times!  This is what owning a Syncro is all about smile emoticon And one of the perks of running a seasonal business, if any of you are near Kent and looking for a cool camp-site to park up at then we thoroughly recommend // ..
VW T25 LLE Restoration
And another Volkswagen T25 restoration has just rolled in...all stripped down by the customer so straight on with the metalwork   ‪#‎coastvw‬‪   #‎vwrestorationsRus‬    ‪#‎classicvwservices‬ ..
Paperwork day!
Catching up with some paperwork, just a few jobs on the go at the moment!! ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Westfalia Servicing
This VW T25 14" Syncro has returned to the Coast VW workshop again from Norfolk for its annual service, we fitted an Mtdi engine to it back in 2010. Its a two man job this week as Pete is doing the mechanicals whilst Ashley fabricates another set of our unique rock sliders smile emoticon ..
VW Baywindow Campervan Restoration
An update on the VW Baywindow restoration: the Coast VW team have now cut away most of the rusty to start rebuilding/repairing ..
VW T25 Camper - MOT & Service
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is this VW T25 Camper which needs an MOT, new power steering pipes, a small bit of MOT welding and the install of factory fog lights... ..
Afternoon off anybody??
The Coast VW workshop has been so busy these past few weeks we have given everyone the afternoon off.....and yet where can they all be found....Ash and Jon are in the workshop working on their own projects and Pete's gone to his own lock-up to work on his projects.....and I'm catching up with paperwork. Still the weather looks good for the whole weekend....Spring camping just around the corner.... ..
Lovin' our new workshop signs
So back in the Summer we built a new clean room area for our we also put a couple of new signs up around the workshop.......and after our Christmas 'Spring Clean' and some chunky investment the workshop gets better each year...feeling proud :)  ..
VW T25 14" Syncro Body Resto
Mmmm, not what you want your rear valance to look like! New panel fully zinc primed prior to fitting…(we do this with every panel we fit wink emoticon ) - the VW T25 South African 14" Syncro restoration is going well...... ..
Quality Restorations
Here we have a photo of Ash undertaking some metal work today on a VW T25 14" Syncro. The photo demonstrates what we are about at Coast VW....a qualified technician undertaking a professional job with all safety equipment being worn.....this dedicated approach ensures your van is in good hands when at the Coast VW workshop. ..
Visitors Bearing Donuts ALWAYS Welcome!!
Nice to put a face to a name when James from VW Heritage popped in this avo....and the donuts were much appreciated - Ross you missed out!!! ..
VW T25 Syncro Body Restoration
Restoration work on the VW T25 South African Syncro continues...this photo shows Ash preparing the inner front panel seam returns (having just shot blasted them). They have been treated with the best zinc primers available. Once this has cured then the new front panel will be carefully Tig welded into place. ..
Latest Project - VW T25 16" Syncro Doka
Just in at the Coast VW workshop– via Mike Plompmen – is this Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro Doka. The current owner lives in France and has had his truck brought to us midway through a restoration elsewhere, arrived on a low-loader and has a bucket load of loose parts in the back / cab / storage areas so quite a bit of sorting out before we can even start work – but all in a worthy cause as the owner has got some great adventures planned for its future! (Sorry for bad photo but we put it straight in storage as the weather was so wet!)  ..
VW T25 Seam Sealing
Before heading off to paint we have sealed all seams on the VW T25 Camper. Ash has been working his magic to get them 'factory look' (with the raised centre) - which takes lots of patience! Once painted it will look as factory as you can possible get. ..
VW Gipsy Imported for new owners
This VW T25 Gipsy has been sourced by Busman in Belgium for its new owners in Wales. In at the Coast VW workshop for MOT work, service and preparing for UK registration. Once paperwork complete it should be heading to its new Welsh destination within the next few weeks. ..
VW Baywindow Doka - back on the road!!
This 1978 Volkswagen T2 Baywindow Doka hasn't been on the road since 2006 and after a bit of 'TLC' sailed through it's MOT today - damn we're good! Such a great truck, turns heads wherever it goes - will be up for sale in the next few days.....   ..
VW T25 Syncro 16" Bodywork and other repairs...
This Volkswagen T25 16” Syncro has been with us at Coast VW to have some metal work repairs undertaken on seams and around the window. It is now just back from the painters where its had some freshening up. It has also had a full under body wax, new Syncro decal, central locking and electric windows repaired…..and an MOT tomorrow. ..
Volkswagen Syncro Engine Service
This 14" Volkswagen Syncro is back at the Coast VW workshop for its annual service and a few small repairs....tank straps need replacing, as do the steering rack gaiters and headlamps (reflective coating has corroded) and also an engine service before being collected on Wednesday. ..
VW Baywindow Bodywork
Just in at Coast VW this week is this 1971 VW Early Baywindow - which as you can see needs a fair bit of metal work and TLC. Not quite what you may expect though given that the owner has already paid to have it restored....but as the saying goes "Buy Cheap, Pay Twice" - although to be fair the owners never sought out a 'cheap' job, but sadly for them that is exactly what they got :( ..
Busy times...
It is peak sumer and yet the Coast VW workshop (and carpark) is chock-a-block with VW vans and campers. From VW Syncro conversions to Subaru engine conversions, to underbody protection wax jobs to an annual service before heading off on hol's we seem to hav a big variety of jobs half a team down the whole of August due to everybodies holiday time :) Busy, busy, busy....... ..