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VW Baywindow Fuel Tank & Breathers
This VW Baywindow is in for various job including fitting replacement fuel tank and breathers. If you have an air cooled Baywindow this is a job well worth doing as they can be prone to catching on fire...especially if your fuel fill hose also has a split in it like this one did. Check yours today!   #vwbaywindowservicing ..
Commute to work
We love it when our CoastVW customers email us with their pictures: this one is of their commute to work...happy days :) ..
VW Splitscreen Chassis Replacement
At Coast VW today we are fitting a replacement chassis cross member to this  VW Splitscreen Campervan as the previous one had crumbled away! ..
VW Baywindow MOT work
Few little bits of welding on this VW Baywindow to get it through its MOT..... ..
VW Syncro enjoying the French Alps
So you my remember that the Coast VW team recently completed a restoration 'big brown' just before Christmas...well the new owners have gone off to the French Alps for the times!  This is what owning a Syncro is all about smile emoticon And one of the perks of running a seasonal business, if any of you are near Kent and looking for a cool camp-site to park up at then we thoroughly recommend // ..
VW Golf Engine Conversion
We have been busy fitting a 1.6 turbo diesel into a MKI VW Golf we are using a VNT15 turbo on this one so it should go well  ..
Coast VW, busy day :)
Another busy day/week/month in the Coast VW workshop....‪#‎classicvwservices‬ ‪#‎vwt25syncroservices‬ ‪#‎coastvw‬ ..
VW T25 Doka Cab Door Fabrication
And so this Volkswagen T25 Doka now has a rear cab door on each for some paint :) ..
VW T25 Syncro - Cylinder Heads
This lovely example of a Volkswagen T25 Syncro - with a Reimo camper conversion - is with us for replacement cylinder heads, a good service and for repairs to its propex heater. This particular syncro campervan is low mileage and only had two owners from new : ) ..
VW T25 Syncro Doka - new Crew Cab Door Installation
This Volkswagen T26 Doka is having a left hand side crew cab door installed, which is quite a popular request these days at the Coast VW workshop :) ..
VW Baywindow Campervan Restoration
This VW Baywindow Campervan - whiich is a UK RHD model - is having its underside prepared with 2 coats of zinc primer before being sealed. ..
VW T25 1.9TDi Engine Conversion
Newly built 1.9 turbo diesel engine ready for engine conversion in VW T25 'Horizon Classic' campervan. ..
VW T25 Engine Conversion
Swapping out this very sooty 1.6 JX engine for a nice new 1.9 turbo diesel ..
VW T25 Syncro - Body Resto & Subaru Engine Conversion
Looking rather nice! We recently fitted a Subaru engine in this South African VW T25 Syncro, which is wearing its new coat of the original factory red colour after its full body restoration. We specialise in quality restorations of VW T25 Syncros and 2WD VW Transporters. ..
VW T25 Syncro - Under-waxing for winter
Now’s the time to get the underside of your Volkswagen T25 / VW Syncro professionally waxed. At Coast VW we only use the very best under-body waxes currently available with the strongest corrosion inhibitors and best salt spray test results, looks good too! ..
VW T25 16" Syncro - H6 Subaru Engine Conversion
We have had a first fit for this H6 3.0ltr flat 6 Subaru engine, which is going into a 16” VW T25 Syncro. Top left shows the ECU and electrical items main board for Subaru engine conversion, components are mounted to our newly developed board and then a strong cover attached, the diagnostic port is then accessible from the outside. Top right shows ECU box  with the diagnostic port on the top right for this VW T25 Subaru engine conversion. ..
VW T25 Motorhome with rare coachbuilt body
This very rare VW T25 British built 'Horizon Classic' with Foster & Day coach-built body has come into the Coast VW workshop for a 1.9 turbo diesel engine (fitted with inter-cooler) to be fitted. The main aim being to try and better its current 'top speed' of 35mph. Owners is planning an extended trip around Europe once new engine is in. ..
VW T25 California Campervan - Lift Kit
This lovely VW T25 California Campervan came into the Coast VW workshop yesterday. 'Mint' would be an understatement! The owner brought it down for a little bit of bodywork/paintwork and a lift kit is going to be fitted, 15" wheels with all terrain tyres in preparation for its impending trip to Finland. ..
VW 16" Syncro Body Resto/Subaru Engine Conversion
This Volkswagen T25 16" Syncro has been imported from Italy, direct to us for its full body restoration and Subaru engine conversion. Vehicle has been stripped down and body panel repairs have commenced, starting with a new front lower panel, small side panel repair and lots of shot blasting! ..
Volkswagen Baywindow Restoration Continues
So new main floor area now in place in this Volkswagen T2 Baywindow and so restoration work has moved around to the cab floor area. The drivers seat base/wheel tub was too corroded to repair so has been cut away and the new panel being welding in this week.....we've also fabricated our own floor panel section from flat sheet steel as the replacement panel was coming up a bit short ..
VW Baywindow Campervan Restoration
An update on the VW Baywindow restoration: the Coast VW team have now cut away most of the rusty to start rebuilding/repairing ..
VW T25 Reimo Camper - New Clutch
We have just fitted a new clutch kit and front to back stainless steel coolant pipes to this VW T25 Reimo Camper, unfortunately it rained just before they collected so the photo doesn't show what a lovely van this is, in a nice flat grey paint. ..
VW T25 Camper Restoration & Repaint
This VW T25 Camper has just come back from paint yesterday, with doors and tailgate delivered to the workshop today. What we need right now is 3 more team CoastVW members and a hundred more hours in each day....busy times! Happy weekend guys :) :) :)  ..
VW T25 Syncro Waxing
We got the Ghostbusters into the Coast VW workshop to under wax this Volkswagen T25 Syncro...a great way to preserve the underside of your vehicle.  ..
VW T25 Syncro - Noisy Transmission
This Volkswagen T25 Syncro has just been transported down to us due to transmission problems, needs it very noisy Syncro gearbox fixing and some general al-round TLC! ..
The Wrong Anti Freeze!
This VW T25 Westfalia Camper suffered and over heating issue on the motorway. The coolant mixed in with the oil which we traced back to broken head studs which was caused by using the wrong anti freeze!!! This is what we drained out of the engine sump.....which is basically lots of oil and water mixed together. The cure - unfortunately its going to need a new engine as this one's trashed! ..
VW T25 Campervan Engine work
Just transported down to the Coast VW workshop today is this VW T25 Campervan which needs a new engine, cooling system and exhaust..... ..
VW T25 Cool Box / Refridgeration
Keep your beers chilled this summer in a Waeco CF50 Cool Box - just like this one we fitted at the Coast VW workshop last Friday. This one was fitted with a universal fitting kit which makes it safe and secure yet easily removable.....runs on 12V lesiure, 240 hook up and is solar friendly. ..
VW T25 RHD Syncro Body Restoration
Rebuild going well on this VW T25 Syncro High Top Campervan which was vinyl wrapped last week after its full body restoration, going for a beefy black and brown look with smoked indications and satin black wheels and trim......will be for sale shortly! ..
Bespoke VW Syncro Camper roofrack
So the bespoke build basket roofrack for this VW T25 Syncro High Top Camper was fitted today - looking good alongside the newly fitted solar panels.  ..
VW T5 4Motion - Devon Laning!
Interesting drive to work this morning, tree down on a Devon lane after the stormy weather last night....once i started driving under it it only just cleared the roof bars!  ..
FOR SALE - Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia RHD
FOR SALE - Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia RHD This unique custom built Syncro camper is reluctantly being offered for sale by its owner who has asked us to broker the sale, the truck is with us now. We can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK or ship internationally. The build was commissioned and carried out in 2011 with delivery early 2012, a good solid shell was chosen as the base which was then built as a Syncro and converted to RHD, an early Westfalia camping interior was sourced and fitted along with a full Westfalia roof and bed system. A Mtdi engine was selected along with th..
VW T25 SA Syncro Restoration Rebuild
Rebuild going well on this VW T25 SA Syncro, recently back from paint after its metal work restoration, looking fantastic in its original VW South African red...will be re-united with its owner any day now ;)  ..
VW Baywindow Front Beam Upgrade
And another Red 9 front beam is being fitted to a VW Baywindow in the Coast VW workshop. This upgrade bolts straight on to your bus to provide much better handling.  The kit bolts on to your chassis, replacing the beam. Comes complete and includes rack and pinion steering. Using modified late Bay spindles means that disc brakes can be fitted.  ..
VW T25 SA Syncro - new paintwork
Looking good.... This RHD South African T25 just back from the painters, sporting a fresh coat of English Post Box Red (LH3G) paint, these photo's don't really show how super shiny this van looks in the flesh - will be a great contrast to the black trim as it gets built back up. ‪ ..
VW T2 Baywindow slip diff and Red9 Beam
This lovely Volkswagen T2 Baywindow is in with us to have a limited slip diff and a red 9 front bean fitted. This twinn wishbone coilover suspension kit bolts on to your chassis, replacing the beam, steering box and all associated linkages. ..
VW T25 High Top Komet - Restoration Complete
So the restoration of this Volkswagen T25 High Top Komet is all completed, and it was collected by its happy owner on Thursday 16th April (he didnt even recognise it was his van upon arrival at the Coast VW workshop). The very next day he set of camping with his two dogs for the weekend....happy days! :) ..
A selection of our current work -
Just a few of the VW vans we have in this week…. Top left – this VW T25 14” Syncro has come to us to be renovated prior to going up for sale Top right – this VW T25 has come to us from Derby for a bodywork renovation Bottom left – this VW T25 14” Syncro is just having an electronic power steering rack fitted as its last job before collection Bottom right – this VW 14” Syncro is in with us for a 2.5ltr Subaru engine conversion prior to a bodywork restoration ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - Rear Corner Repair
Rear corner damage on this 14" VW Syncro all buttoned up, new tailgate, new rear valance, new rear bumper....looking a bit smarter now smile emoticon ..
VW T25 Camper Restoration Rebuild
This Volkswagen T25 High Top Komet Campervan is back from paint. It came to us at the end of November for bodywork and A-pillar repair...the owner opted for a 'windows in' re-spray to keep the costs down, and another optional extra was the blue side now its time to start building it back up before some mechanicals, MOT and heading back to its new home in 2 weeks time smile emoticon ..
VW T25 14" Syncro - Rear Valance Repair work
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is this VW T25 14" Syncro which has come to us for some rear valance work after an argument with a Landrover Defender :0  It is having a complete rear valance replacement panel and tailgate... ..
VW T2 Baywindow - Electrical Work
Just in at the Coast VW workshop is another green VW Type 2 Baywindow...this one has just undergone a full body restoration (not by us) and is in with us to have some interior lights fitted, have a leisure battery installed and to get the fridge operating and functional....after all Summer is just around the corner and those beers will need chilling smile emoticon heart emoticon       ..
VW T5 4Motion Lift Kit
Love it when the Postie brings us exciting parcels on a Friday Seikel springs for the Coast VW T5 Transporter Kombi this space :)   ..
Lovin' our new workshop signs
So back in the Summer we built a new clean room area for our we also put a couple of new signs up around the workshop.......and after our Christmas 'Spring Clean' and some chunky investment the workshop gets better each year...feeling proud :)  ..
VW T25 Syncro - underside corrosion
The South African Syncro currently in with us for a body restoration was worse underneath then we had anticipated…Ash gave it a gentle blast with the grit blaster which unveiled all this… We have now dropped out the complete front sub-frame and are currently removing the main chassis rail. The top left picture shows the five layers (amounting to 20mm thickness) which make up the box (Syncro sub frame strengthener/ main chassis / inner box / suspension plate / strengthener plates). The water had gotten between these layers causing them to expand which had in turn caused the sub frame to b..
Visitors Bearing Donuts ALWAYS Welcome!!
Nice to put a face to a name when James from VW Heritage popped in this avo....and the donuts were much appreciated - Ross you missed out!!! ..
VW T25 16" Syncro VC
Pete has removed the front diff from this French VW T25 16” Syncro which had no drive to the front wheels. This picture shows the nose cone from the diff removed and the VC in situ, we are now sending this off for refurb. Meanwhile there is excessive float in the diff and we are going to change the bearings, reset the diff…etc etc ..
VW T25 Syncro Body Restoration
Restoration work on the VW T25 South African Syncro continues...this photo shows Ash preparing the inner front panel seam returns (having just shot blasted them). They have been treated with the best zinc primers available. Once this has cured then the new front panel will be carefully Tig welded into place. ..