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VW T25 Interior Repaint
Last week we removed a full campervan interior from a Volkswagen T25 14" Syncro… been repainted and is currently being installed. Will reveal the transformation in the next few days :)   #coastvw #vwt25services ..
VW T3 Syncro Resto of for Interior Fitting
Off for interior units and upholstery before returning to us for final fit. Customer has chosen to use Dubteriors and we cant wait to see what it looks like on its return......and then we can go on a photo shoot :)   #coastvw #vwt25restoration ..
VW T25 Porsche Brake Upgrade
We have just fit these late uprights for a Porsche big brake upgrade. Because we are fitting a Subaru SVX 230HP engine into this Volkswagen T25 2WD the standard brakes weren't really up for job.   #coastvw #vwt25brakeupgrade ..
VW T3 Carb Tuning
This VW T3 Reimo popped into the CoastVW workshop as it was experiencing issues with the twin carb set up. We replaced all the fuel lines, synchronised the carbs and traced the running issue to a split servo take off pipe. ..
VW T25 2WD Suspension Upgrade
Love these great photos our customer sent in....   This Spanish Volkswagen T25 'Kamper' conversion came to us for a suspension lift kit, 15" mefro wheels and BFG tyres. What sets our 2WD conversions apart is the use of a peloquin torque biasing differential to give some genuine 'off-tarmac' capabilty which is great for where it lives in the mountains of Spain :)   ..
VW T25 Syncro - Brake work
This VW T25 RHD 16" Doka is having some brake work, new cylinders (which often leak - check yours!) and new brake shoes - even though it had them fitted elsewhere recently they were all split and cracked :-/ ..
VW T25 SA Syncro - Service & MOT
Another of our favourite trucks is back in the Coast VW workshop, a year after it's full body restoration.....popped down from London for a MOT, service and a full set of tyres smile emoticon ..
VW T25 Syncro Westfalia - Interior Trim Panels
Two green VW T25 of which has just popped in (from Leeds) to have some original VW Westfalia interior trim panels fitted - needless to say that as they were designed for the flat roof Westfalias it has taken a lot more 'modifying' then anticipated :) ..
New VW Syncro Decals
Another set of new Syncro decals for this VW T25 Syncro campervan, with the shiny new coat of paint (only blow ins)they look great! ..
VW T25 California Campervan - Lift Kit
This lovely VW T25 California Campervan came into the Coast VW workshop yesterday. 'Mint' would be an understatement! The owner brought it down for a little bit of bodywork/paintwork and a lift kit is going to be fitted, 15" wheels with all terrain tyres in preparation for its impending trip to Finland. ..