Engine Conversions

We can service or repair your engine, be it air-cooled or water-cooled. We can replace cam belts, exhausts, fuel systems, carburettors, distributors and clutches, be it on a Volkswagen Beetle or a Volkswagen T5 Transporter.


We offer the following services –

  • Engine replacement with quality reconditioned units from reputable suppliers
  • Engine upgrades
  • If your diesel engine is lacking power we can fit uprated hybrid turbos
  • We can fit custom intercooler kits
  • We can fit a Mtdi engine conversion to your VW Syncro or a Subaru engine to your VW Baywindow campervan
  • We can fit electronic ignition or new carburettors to your air cooled volkswagen.


We have a huge array of specialist tools and diagnostic equipment to quickly identify faults and the experience to repair (without guesswork) to ensure you get back on the road should you suffer a breakdown, backed up with our excellent customer service which means if you need a speedy repair without having to book months in advance then give us a call.


Coast VW - Volkswagen Syncro T3/T25 Subaru engine conversion.


So you own a syncro and you are looking at an engine conversion, do you want to retain the feel and balance of the 2.1, keep your stock ground clearance, retain the bash plates in the correct place, improve the look of your engine bay…..have lots more power, driveability and better economy, then we can fit a 2.5 Subaru boxer engine that answer a big yes to all of the above.

We approach this conversion in a different way to the other converters, it’s not a budget conversion, it delivers you a complete package that means your syncro is better, not compromised and in some cases ruined.

The extras we look carefully at even before the conversion is undertaken:

  • Tank straps, yes, we’ve seen freshly converted syncro with the tank straps rusted clean through….”don’t worry guvnor the tank can’t fall out”…..er no but do you want 70 litres  that’s 70 kilograms of the finest unleaded resting on you gearbox….no we didn’t think so.
  • Fuel system integrity, normal to find the breathers on the top of the tank broken, pipes split all the normal issues
  • Whilst the box is out and the tank straps are being done then we take a careful look at the tank void when the tank is out, it may just need a clean and a good layer of our anti corrosive wax applied, but you want to know if the inner chassis leg is corroded or the tank strap cross member is rusted, again we see them with all these issues simply ignored, its mighty expensive to have to take out all the engine, box, tank to repair the inner chassis…..properly.
  • Cooling, yes again you’ve just gone from 100hp…if you were lucky, to a minimum 165hp with our 2.5 so you really need the optimum from your cooling system. So we replace the radiator with a brand new wide core one, if your front to back cooling pipes are showing the normal splits etc. then we replace these for the stainless type, replace hoses with new silicone type and ensure the Subaru coolant manifold reversal is skilfully Tig welded to avoid future leaks. The budget conversions don’t address these issues, and 9 times out of 10 won’t even alert you to them, but when your engine overheats, because you rad is 25 years old and silted up, that’s your problem.
  • Engine bay, if you would like your engine bay cleaned up and re-painted then no problem, your are going to see a lot more of it once our install is done.

The syncro is a specialist vehicle and was carefully designed to perform off road, why ruin this excellent design with a poorly thought out budget conversion, our conversion ensures that:


  • Only the best quality conversion parts are used without compromise
  • Ground clearance is maintained
  • Bash plates replaced in the correct position
  • Stock exhaust routing is maintained with a custom built stainless steel header, so if your syncro already has a stainless exhaust we can use the intermediate pipe and silencer
  • Stock heat shield is retained
  • Custom built loom that places all sensitive electrics inside the vehicle
  • OBD diagnostics with the Subaru blink code and OBD2 port (requires SSM enabled cable)
  • Shortened and strengthened cast aluminium sump is used
  • VW syncro engine mounting bar is used to ensure the engine sits in exactly the right position

There are options to consider, we have a base price for our conversion and then you can choose from a list of other options as required:


Base spec, 2.5 99-2003, engine is checked and new style head gaskets fitted along with a new cambelt and tensioners, oil filter and plugs

Option: Later 2.5 2003-2007 engine install


You may take this opportunity to consider a de-coupler option with your conversion, or you may feel that your transmission would benefit from a re-furb to include strengthened gears, improved lubrication, or a gearing change.

Wheels and tyres:

If you are still running on 14’s then take a look at our range of 15 inch steel mefro wheels with either BFG AT tyres or General Grabber AT’s.


You now have a lot more power so it makes sense to consider the brakes on your syncro, we would recommend that you fit the excellent black diamond discs and uprated pads to the front, disc conversion to the rea is possible but a good re-furb of the stock brakes should be sufficient.


Make the most of the improved driveability of the Subaru engine by up –rating your suspension, please ask us for guidance as this area is a minefield.

There is a lot to consider when choosing your preferred converter if you want a carefully thought out quality conversion that’s guaranteed then please get in touch.