Syncros -  Spares, Conversions and Restorations

We know VW Syncro’s inside and out and are very knowledgeable about what does and doesn’t work for these great vehicles. We offer a huge range of modifications that are proven and work to these unique vehicles. We can supply parts from trusted suppliers and know the right people for transmission services. Every VW specialist has its own passion and niche and the VW Syncro is ours! There has hasn’t been a day of the working week in the last seven years where one of the team hasn’t been working on a VW Syncro restoration, conversion or general maintenance in our workshop…..that’s a lot of combined experience!!


We have built many VW Syncro’s for camping, touring, off-roading and over landing - with countless modifications to suspension, drivetrains and engines. Do you need a Subaru engine conversion to your VW Syncro? We offer a Syncro specific petrol or diesel build that addresses many of the issues that others simply don’t think about. It’s not all about the cheapest conversions, it’s about a properly thought out quality job…We have even built even a Subaru powered Volkswagen Syncro (full camper) that competes in off road challenge events! To the great astonishment of the Land Rover fraternity.




Volkswagen Syncro specific -

  • We offer genuine VW Syncro advice and expertise                                                
  • We can uprate your VW Syncro suspension
  • We can fit de-couplers
  • We can upgrade your transmission
  • We can supply reconditioned gearboxes for your Volkswagen Syncro
  • We can unseize your diff-locks
  • We can rebuild your CV joints
  • We can source rare and special parts for your VW syncro
  • We can build a syncro to your exact requirements
  • We can prepare your VW Syncro for expeditions
  • We can convert your VW Syncro to a 200HP Mtdi
  • We can convert to Subaru power
  • We can convert a Volkswagen T25 2WD to 4WD factory spec syncro
  • We can restore your Syncro to factory specs
  • We can convert your Syncro from LHD to RHD
  • We can undertake a full restoration on your Syncro
  • We stock a wide range of Syncro spares and parts


We can also offer a range of customer services to make it easy for you to drop off your vehicle:

  • Drop off and collection from nearby airports and train stations
  • Vehicle collection services
  • National and international shipping of vehicles
  • Courtesy car if vehicle booked in for a day or more
  • Accommodation arrangement


Interested in converting you T25 2WD in a 4WD Syncro?  Then why not take a look at our featured article.